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Conditions of Use:

  1. This agreement is intended for use in circumstances where you intend to involve an individual in a project that is funded or otherwise supported by a third party which requires specific intellectual property rights.  This agreement may also be appropriate even if no specific project is contemplated but a significant proportion of the research activities of the relevant Institute or Faculty are funded by government or industry grants.  This agreement is not usually appropriate if the individual is employed by the University or a third party (please seek further advice from Research Legal) or is undertaking the project as a student enrolled in a course at the University (please use the Student IP Assignment and Confidentiality Deed instead).
  2. Ensure that permission has been obtained from the third parties that are funding or supporting the project in relation to the involvement of the individual in accordance with any applicable funding, collaborative or other research agreements.
  3. The scope of the intellectual property assigned to the University is limited to intellectual property created or acquired in the course of the specified project.  This may not be sufficiently broad in all circumstances.
  4. This agreement must be entered into by the individual prior to the individual commencing involvement in any relevant projects.
  5. The University's policies and procedures must be complied with.
  6. This agreement must not be used if any conflicts of interest are involved.
  7. Amendments must not be made to this standard form agreement. The signing delegation given to the Executive Deans and Directors of Institute is limited to the standard form agreement only. 
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Bronwyn Harch