The PPL is UQ's central repository for policies, procedures and guidelines. To find a topic in the PPL:

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Policies and Procedures

Under the UQ Governance and Management Framework, policies and procedures are documented controls containing mandatory requirements to enable effective and efficient governance and management at UQ.

Resources for staff

The UQ Policy Handbook is to assist UQ staff developing policies and procedures. The Handbook is one of a number of tools and resources available to staff at UQ designed to encourage the development of policies and procedures that are clear, effective and appropriate.

Tip Sheets give additional guidance on specific topics:

UQ's approved templates must be used for new and updated policies and procedures:

These templates have been developed in line with the formatting requirements of the new PPL platform to be introduced from 3 April 2024.

  • For all new, and substantial edits to, existing documents, these templates should be used.

  • For other amendments to existing documents, please contact for a copy in the new format to mark up.

If you have already done substantial preparation in the superseded format, please contact

More resources, tools and templates are available on the Enterprise Governance Resources website.

Need help?

For help with the PPL or general policy and procedure enquiries, please contact Enterprise Governance.

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