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1.0   Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to explain the process for the granting of honorary awards as set out in the Honorary Awards Policy.

2.0   Confidentiality

All matters relating to proposals for honorary awards are confidential. Nominees must not be consulted about or advised of their nomination.

3.0   Nomination Procedures

3.1                 Honorary Doctorates, UQ Fellowships and Distinguished Service Medals

The process is administered by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement).

3.1.1              Nominations by Senate Members, Graduates, Staff and Students

At any time the following may put forward a suggestion to the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee, via the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) –

  • Senate members;

  • Graduates of the University;

  • Staff (academic and professional); or

  • Students (with the endorsement of a member of one of the above categories).

Nominations can be submitted at any time through the Honorary Awards submission website, and reminders are sent quarterly on UQ Update. 

3.1.2              Nominations through the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee

The Vice-Chancellor’s Committee (VCC) is in a position to identify potential candidates, particularly those who have a strategic relationship with UQ whether or not they are in Australia.

The University Senior Management Group (USMG) are especially encouraged to put forward names for consideration.

The Office of the DVC (External Engagement) will provide the VCC with administrative support.

The VCC will compile a shortlist for the Honorary Awards Committee for in-principle agreement. Candidates who were considered by VCC but who were deemed not recommendable will also be included for noting.

If the Honorary Awards Committee gives in-principle agreement for a nomination, the DVC (External Engagement)’s Office will then coordinate – with the assistance of the relevant faculty, school or institute or the nominator – the detailed nomination to present to the Committee to seek endorsement to take to the Senate for consideration.  

Although there is no quota as to the number of Honorary Doctorates awarded, approximately six awards a year is considered appropriate.

3.2                 Self-nominations not accepted

Self-nominations are not accepted.

4.0   Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

4.1                 Senate

Senate is responsible for approving honorary awards on the recommendation of the Honorary Awards Committee.

4.2                 Honorary Awards Committee

The Honorary Awards Committee considers nominations and makes recommendations to the Senate regarding the granting of honorary awards.

4.3                 Vice-Chancellor’s Committee

The Vice-Chancellor’s Committee identifies potential candidates for Honorary Doctorates, UQ Fellowships, and Distinguished Service Medals for consideration by the Honorary Awards Committee.

4.4                 Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)

The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement), with support from the Protocol Office), administers the nomination process for Honorary Doctorates, UQ Fellowships and Distinguished Service Medals.

4.5                 Protocol Office

Once a proposed recipient accepts an honorary award, the process is handed over to Protocol for allocation to a UQ graduation ceremony.

5.0   Monitoring, Review and Assurance

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) is responsible for the monitoring, review and assurance of this Policy.

6.0   Recording and Reporting  

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) is responsible for recording and reporting on the granting of honorary awards.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) Mr Rongyu Li