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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy outlines the requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to appoint qualified first aid staff at The University of Queensland. This policy supplements PPL 2.60.20a First Aid – Policy.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Enterprise AgreementThe University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014 - 2017

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to staff designated by the University to be First Aid Officers and Heads of organisational units involved in the appointment of First Aid Officers.

4. Policy Statement

The provision of trained staff, first aid equipment, information, facilities, and services for all staff and visitors is a requirement under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

The role of the First Aid Officer is to be responsible for first aid facilities in the workplace, to administer first aid to staff where necessary and to maintain the items within the first aid kit as well as record usage of the items.

Appointed First Aid Officers receive payment of a First Aid Allowance in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement.

5. Conditions of Appointment as First Aid Officer

To be appointed as a First Aid Officer the following conditions are applicable:

  • Appointees must hold and continue to hold current First Aid qualifications for the period of their appointment as a First Aid Officer. This includes First Aid Training every three years and resuscitation training annually. Training expenses will be the responsibility of the organisational unit. As training is completed, certificates should be forwarded to the Head of the organisational unit and the Occupational Health Adviser, Occupational Health and Safety, St Lucia campus.
  • Appointment as a First Aid Officer will be for a maximum period of three years, subject to the condition above.
  • The Head of organisational unit is responsible for undertaking a risk assessment at the end of a First Aid Officer's appointment prior to recommending reappointment, or prior to the initial appointment of a new First Aid Officer.

It is the responsibility of the Head of the organisational unit to hold copies of the nominated First Aid Officer’s qualifications, and to ensure they are current for the period of the appointment.

Chief Human Resources Officer Dr Al Jury