Travel Cards - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

These procedures outline the process and steps of the acquisition, use and management of Travel Cards at the University.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Cardholder - Travellers and administrators who have been allocated a Travel Card.

Travel Card - Cash Passport prepaid Visa Debit Cards issued by MasterCard.

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to everyone involved in the operation, supervision, management and administration of Travel Cards used for travel expenditure. Specific rules concerning travel can be found in PPL 1.90.01 Travel.

4. Procedures Statement

Travel Cards have been designed to provide UQ students and in limited circumstances UQ staff with a secure and convenient way to manage their expenses while travelling on University business.

Permission granted to access University funds to cover the cost of travel is based on the confirmation there are sufficient budgeted funds available in an appropriate general ledger account.

Eligible staff members are issued Corporate Cards which should be used to cover costs associated with travel as per PPL 9.10.09 Corporate Credit Cards.

Cardholders may only use the Travel Card for University travel-related business transactions. Cardholders are responsible for ensuring that all charges comply with policy and are properly itemised, supported by a business purpose, approved, and submitted via the relevant travel finalisation or reconciliation.

The Travel Card may not be used for personal expenses. The cardholder is personally responsible for repaying The University of Queensland for all non-reimbursable Travel Card charges.

In addition to adhering to the Travel Card procedures, all Travel Card transactions must be made in compliance with University policies and procedures governing expenditure and purchasing.

Cardholders who do not comply with University policies and procedures may have their cardholder privileges revoked. Misuse of the Travel Card may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

5. Uses and Restrictions

The purpose of the Travel Card must be related solely to the objectives of the University.

All Travel Card transactions must be made in compliance with the University’s policies and procedures relating to PPL 9.40.05 Purchasing and PPL 1.90.01 Travel.

5.1 Restrictions

Travel Cards do not work under the following circumstances:

  • “Offline” - plan ahead and withdraw cash.
  • On board planes (for example buying meals Virgin Blue and JetStar flights).
  • In the old fashioned "click clack" style credit card machines.

5.2 Fees

The following are fees and limits applicable to the Travel Card:

  • Overseas ATM withdrawal fee: $0
  • Australian ATM withdrawal fee: $3.50
  • Overseas Point of Sale Transaction fee: $0.00
  • Australian Point of Sale Transaction fee: $0.00
  • Foreign Exchange margin: 3.6%
  • Overseas and domestic banks may impose an ATM usage fee (fee can differ from bank to bank)

5.3 Transaction limits

  • Maximum ATM withdrawal in one transaction: AUD$1,000 inclusive of fees.
  • Maximum ATM total withdrawal limit in 24 hour period: AUD$5,000 inclusive of fees and charges.

Please note:

  • CBA ATM's have an $800 limit per transaction.
  • Withdrawal limits and amounts may differ from country to country. Please check the Cash Passport website for more information.

6. Application

6.1 How to apply

To apply for a Travel Card, complete the Travel Card Application.

6.2 Card collection and receipt acknowledgement

6.2.1 Local collection

The cardholder will be notified when the card is ready for pick up at FBS.

The cardholder will be required to sign a Receipt Acknowledgement upon collection of their card.

6.2.2 Interstate or overseas collection

When a Cardholder is unable to collect their card due to their location, the card may be delivered to a nominated address.

The nominated address needs to be identified in the Cash Passport Request Section of the Travel Form.

Cards are suspended and sent with the Receipt Acknowledgement to the nominated address.

The card will be unsuspended when the completed Receipt Acknowledgement is returned to Accounts Payable Unit, FBS via the following email:

6.3 Secondary cards

All cardholders are provided with two linked cards: a primary and a secondary card. The secondary card is provided in the event that the primary card is lost or stolen.

If the cardholder holder nominates another University member to transact with the secondary card on their behalf, the cardholder is accountable for all transactions that occur on the secondary card.

6.4 Securing Travel Cards

Cardholders are expected to keep their Travel Cards in a secure location at all times.

6.5 Reporting lost or stolen travel cards and fraudulent charges

In the event that a Travel Card should become lost or stolen or should fraudulent activity be detected, cardholders should immediately contact CashPassport Card Services in order to help protect the funds on the card.

The CashPassport Card Services team is on hand to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

6.6 Applying for a funds load

To apply for a card load complete the Travel Card Load (for domestic travel) or the Travel Request and Card Load (for International Travel).

UQ staff who hold a UQ Corporate Card are not permitted to obtain a Travel Card Load unless they are travelling to a location with a cash economy.

7. Reconciliation

The Travel Card reconciliation process must be commenced within 14 days of the trip completion.

The cardholder needs to take the following steps to reconcile monies expended on the Travel Card:

1. Cardholder to request a statement via the Domestic Travel Card Reconciliation or the Travel Finalisation (International Travel) within the UniFi UQ Travel module.

2. MasterCard will email the cardholder a statement.

3. Cardholder allocates expense type and chart string to items on the statement.

4. Cardholder or Travel Coordinator uploads the statement to the Domestic Travel Card Reconciliation or Travel Finalisation (International Travel) within the UniFi UQ Travel module and completes other finalisation tasks e.g. enters costs of the travel and completes a travel diary (if required).

5. The Finance Officer reviews the statement and when satisfied marks the Domestic Travel Card Reconciliation or Travel Finalisation complete to enable it to be workflowed to Accounts Payable for processing.

8. Disputing Travel Card Charges

If there is a query about a transaction on the Travel card, please call the 24-hour CashPassport team immediately to check the Travel Card and confirm the transaction details in question. The query needs to be lodged within thirty (30) days of the transaction debit date.

If there is a transaction which is not correct, CashPassport Card Services can dispute this on the cardholder’s behalf. The cardholder will need to complete the Corporate Cash Passport Disputed Transaction Form and email to

A response should be received by the cardholder within 10 working days of CashPassport Card Services receiving the query.

9. Misconduct

The University will deal with the contravention of policy, abusive, improper and or fraudulent Travel Card transactions.

  • Improper use of Travel card - Transactions that are intended for University use but are not allowed by University policy, government regulation or other law will be deemed improper.
  • Fraudulent Transactions - The use of the University travel card for personal use or personal gain represents a fraud against the University.
  • Disciplinary Action - Disciplinary provisions apply to both Travel Card holders and financial delegates authorising expenditure. The action taken for individual cases will depend on the severity of the misdemeanour, the staff member’s intent and any special circumstances. Disciplinary action can include but is not limited to formal reprimand, administrative action in the form of card cancellation, cost recovery and/or criminal action.


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Corporate Cash Passport Disputed Transaction - Form

Corporate Cash Passport Disputed Transaction - Form

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This form is used to dispute a transaction on your Corporate Cash Passport Card.