Access to Blackboard by Community Members External to UQ - Procedures

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1.  Purpose and Objectives

This procedure describes the process for obtaining access to Blackboard for people who do not have an allocated UQ username and password.  It also describes the management of external access accounts including expiry and reactivation of expired external accounts.

2.  Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Central eLearning system - Infrastructure hosted and maintained by ITS, including Blackboard and related tools.

Blackboard – Central Learning Management System hosted and supported by the University.

Access - Authenticated access using UQ allocated username and password to Blackboard.

External Access - Provision of an authenticated access account to Blackboard for a specific person who does not have an allocated UQ username and password.

Course Site – Specific Blackboard course site to which external access is required.

Course Instructor - Person who has the role of course instructor in the Blackboard course site.

Applicant – Person requiring external access to Blackboard

Expired account – Expired accounts remain on the system with all user metadata intact.  Expired accounts cannot be accessed by the account owner until reactivated by ITS staff.

3.  Procedures Scope/Coverage

This procedure applies to all staff and students of the University of Queensland.

4.  Procedures Statement

4.1 Academic staff can request access to specific Blackboard course sites for members of the community external to UQ including guest lecturers, professional peers and those involved in research activities relevant to the teaching activities of the course instructor. These accounts are made available only upon verified acceptance of the applicant’s identity.

4.2 Access will be provided only to individuals, and only to individuals directly nominated and confirmed by the individual course instructor.

4.3 It remains the responsibility of the course instructor to justify, if necessary, the provision of access for each individual.

4.4 Any external people accessing Blackboard must agree to operate within PPL 6.20.01 Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources.  The course instructor remains responsible for any actions taken by the external user while using Blackboard.

5. Processes relating to External Access to Blackboard

 5.1 To request access to Blackboard for non-UQ users

  • Course instructor selects the "Invite external user” link from within their Blackboard course site;
  • Course instructor completes the online form, including optional expiry date for user account;
  • An automatic email will be sent to the applicant for the creation of a Blackboard account to complete identifying information details;
  • A new user account will automatically be created with a username of nk_* (containing the first letter of the applicants first name and up to five letters from their surname, a number will be appended as well if necessary);
  • Email with instructions for accessing will be sent to the applicant;
  • The applicant will not be able to log in to Blackboard until they activate their account using the instructions in the email and agree to terms and conditions of use.

5.2 Expiry of external access accounts

Expiry of external access accounts is at the discretion of the Senior Systems administrator of Blackboard.

An expiry date for the external account may be set by the course instructor at the time of creation.  If no expiry date is set, the account will expire after 12 months of inactivity.

5.3 Reactivation of expired existing external access accounts

The course instructor must contact the ITS helpdesk with a request to reactivate the account for the applicant.

When the account has been reactivated, the course instructor must then enrol the applicant into the specific blackboard course.

Chief Information Officer
Mr Rob Moffatt
Chief Information Officer
Mr Rob Moffatt