Access to The Raiser's Edge - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

The Raiser’s Edge is the University’s corporate constituent relationship management application for advancement contacts. Access to and use of The Raiser’s Edge should contribute to a more co-ordinated and effective Advancement strategy.

This procedure informs all UQ staff of the requirements that need to be met in addition to those requirements under the Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources Policy before being given access to The Raiser’s Edge. It further informs users about obligations with respect to the use of constituent information and user’s requirements to maintain the integrity of the data by following this procedure and related processes that relate to the management of The Raiser’s Edge.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Advancement Services – the technical staff in UQ Advancement that manage and support The Raiser’s Edge at UQ.

Alumni – Graduates of all UQ degree programs, inclusive of past graduates of the Queensland Agricultural College (now known as UQ Gatton), awardees of honorary doctorates, incoming exchange and study abroad students.

Authorising Manager – a Director of Advancement with a formal reporting relationship into UQ Advancement or an agreed senior staff member in an area without an Advancement Director.

Data Support Request (DSR) - a form that must be completed to request data output from The Raiser’s Edge.  

Mailing Data – a data set used for the purpose of sending communications to constituents where such communications are either by electronic or surface mail.

Prospect –an individual or organisation identified as a potential donor or partner of UQ.

Request for Change (RFC) - the process of formally requesting a system upgrade or enhancement to either meet a functional need, improve data quality/usability or correct a technical issue. 

The Raiser’s Edge – the University’s corporate constituent relationship management application for alumni, prospects, donors, volunteers, industry and community leaders.

3. Procedure Scope/Coverage

This procedure applies to all University staff requiring access to The Raiser’s Edge, requesting data stored in The Raiser’s Edge or staff requesting changes to or enhancement of The Raiser’s Edge and/or related procedures. 

4. Procedure Statement

UQ Advancement is responsible for coordinating and delivering a comprehensive advancement (alumni and community relations and fundraising) program that supports the interests of the entire University community, including those of faculties, institutes and other entities.

The purpose of The Raiser’s Edge is to provide a single source of comprehensive and accurate data related to UQ constituents, together with effective processes to underpin coordinated Advancement activity and maximise relationship building.

5. Access

5.1 System and data access

To apply for access to The Raiser’s Edge users must complete the User Access Request Form signed by an Authorising Manager. Staff can refer to the User Access Request Quick Reference Guide for information on how to complete this form. Visitor, Guest or third party access to The Raiser’s Edge is not available.

Staff that are granted access to The Raiser’s Edge must know and understand their responsibilities for storing, accessing, using and maintaining the privacy of personal constituent information. Access will not be given until the relevant systems training session has been delivered. Users must also only update records within The Raiser’s Edge in accordance with business processes and user training.

University staff can request data and reports from UQ Advancement using a Data Request Form, and can refer to the Data Request Quick Reference Guide for information on how to complete this form. These requests must be authorised by an Authorising Manager and detail what the data is to be used for.

The Authorising Manager at each Organisational level are as detailed below. An Authorising Manager may delegate approval rights to a suitable senior colleague.

Organisational Unit

Authorising Manager

Faculty/Institute with Advancement Director

Advancement Director

Faculty/Institute without Advancement Director

Executive Dean/Institute Director

School/Centre in Faculty with an Advancement Director

Advancement Director

School/Centre in a Faculty without an Advancement Director

Head of School

Central Administration Unit

Director/Head of Unit


Head of School or Equivalent

If a UQ business unit does not already have staff with access to The Raiser’s Edge or want to use it for a different purpose to how they are currently using it, then an initial assessment will be made and plans developed to bring that Unit onto the system, including authorisation from UQ Advancement and the local business unit. This will be in line with organisational priorities, resourcing availability, and Advancement strategy. Every effort will be made to ensure this is an efficient process, though it may not be immediate in all cases.

5.2 System and data security

The requirement of PPL 6.20.01 Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources must be observed, including that all staff protect their login credentials at all times.

In accordance with PPL 1.60.02 University Privacy Management staff must handle personal information in a lawful way at all times.  

Please refer to PPL 6.30.01 ICT Security for further detail on using ICT resources and data securely.

5.3 Removing user access

It is the responsibility of the Authorising Manager or delegate to inform UQ Advancement ( of the need to revoke access when users leave or change role.  On a regular basis UQ Advancement will require positive confirmation from Authorising Managers of users of The Raiser’s Edge that access is still required. If positive confirmation is not provided within the stated timeframe, access for those users will be revoked.

6. Responsible Use of Data

6.1 Approved use of data

Data in The Raiser’s Edge is only to be used for legitimate University purposes, and for the purposes for which it was collected. Staff must ensure data is accessed only when necessary to carry out an authorised function as a part of their employment at The University of Queensland.

It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that data is accurate and up to date, to action changes and record contact information in a timely manner.

Data in The Raiser’s Edge requires approval before being used for certain purposes

  1. All constituent information may only be used for relevant University purposes;
  2. Alumni events, communications and other Engagement activities require the approval of the Authorising Manager and the endorsement of UQ Advancement;
  3. Donor events, communications and other Engagement activities require the approval of the Head of the organisational unit and the endorsement of UQ Advancement;
  4. All Fundraising appeals and activities require the approval of the Authorising Manager and a UQ Advancement delegate.
  5. Communications to all alumni or all constituents held within Raiser’s Edge require the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) and the Director, Advancement Services.

UQ Advancement’s Constituent Information, Privacy and Anonymity Guidelines specify measures to protect constituent information.

6.2 Relationship management

To facilitate effective relationship management, users of The Raiser’s Edge are required to adhere to the relationship management principles. These include automated technical prompts and business processes.

Users must obtain the appropriate permissions before contacting a constituent who has a designated relationship manager, called a Primary Prospect Manager. The Raiser’s Edge will alert a user when they open a constituent record if there is a designated relationship manager. A user must not make contact with that constituent, without the approval of the Primary Prospect Manager.

7. Data Support Requests

Data Support Requests must be submitted using the Data Support Request Form. The form must be approved by an Authorising Manager or delegate.

When data is extracted from The Raiser’s Edge for events or mailings, it is a requirement that activity and responses are recorded back to the system.  Support is available from Advancement Systems, if requested in advance. Otherwise it is the responsibility of the unit requesting the data to ensure responses are recorded back to The Raiser’s Edge.

8. Training and Support

Advancement Services will provide training for users relevant to the role they hold and their usage needs of The Raiser’s Edge.

Users will not be granted access to the system until they have attended the relevant The Raiser’s Edge training session. Training in additional system modules must be completed before user’s system access can be expanded. 

Access to training sessions is restricted to staff who require access to The Raiser’s Edge as part of their work, and is not offered as a generic professional development opportunity.

Users who require technical and functional support, either to perform actions in the system, or to troubleshoot or report system issues, should contact Advancement Services If a system issue needs to be escalated to or resolved by the product vendor, Advancement Services will manage that escalation.

9. System Development

It is UQ Advancement’s intention to work collaboratively with all users of the system to develop The Raiser’s Edge so that it is a valuable tool for managing all constituents of UQ. Changes typically address issues associated with the system (e.g. software defects) or procedures (e.g. ineffective or cumbersome procedure steps). Enhancements seek to improve the system (e.g. making additional functionality available) or further improve efficiency of procedures.

10. Compliance

UQ Advancement’s work is strategically co-ordinated, and this procedure has been developed in conjunction with PPL 8.25.01 Philanthropy and Fundraising. As per this complementary Policy, it is important that users observe their obligations. If relevant policy, procedure or processes are not followed access may be withdrawn and the matter escalated as appropriate, either with the individual user in the first instance or with the Authorising Manager, Head of School or equivalent or The University of Queensland Advancement Sub-Committee.

Users must also comply with the business processes in which they have been trained.

11. Contact

The Raiser’s Edge is managed by the Advancement Services portfolio of UQ Advancement.

Access, Data and Change Requests should be forwarded to:

Additional Information

More information about The Raiser’s Edge, including business processes, contact information and training materials can be found on the Advancement Services Intranet Site:

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson


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Raiser's Edge Data Request - Form

Raiser's Edge Data Request - Form

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UQ staff only - access via UQ username/password login.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson
Raiser's Edge User Access Request - Form

Raiser's Edge User Access Request - Form

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Please complete and submit this form to gain access to The Raiser's Edge.

(UQ username/password required).

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson