Recreation Leave - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

These procedures outline the conditions and process for applying for Recreation Leave. Leave entitlements are provided through the Enterprise Agreement; the Leave Entitlements Policy; and the relevant Legislation.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronym

Authorised Officer - the officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the HR Sub-delegations Instrument.

Enterprise Agreement - The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021, or as amended or replaced. 

Recreation Leave - or otherwise referred to as Annual Leave in the Human Resources System (Workday).

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to continuing, research (contingent funded) and fixed-term staff members covered by the Enterprise Agreement.

These procedures do not apply to casual staff members (other than casual cleaners engaged prior to 27 June 2005) or those engaged to perform unpaid duties at the University.

4. Procedures Statement

A staff member may access Recreation Leave entitlements subject to approval in accordance with these procedures.

5. Recreation Leave

5.1 Determining the Recreation Leave balance

A staff member can access their Recreation/Annual Leave balance through online or by reviewing their most recent pay slip.

Where a staff member does not have access to the Human Resources System, or their payslip, the staff member should contact AskHR to find out their Recreation Leave balance.

A staff member cannot access a period of Recreation Leave in advance of accrual.

5.2 Transfer of University position

A staff member who is to transfer from one University position to another should, before the transfer is affected, take all their accrued Recreation Leave entitlement. Where this is not possible, the Recreation Leave due to the staff member at the date of transfer will be carried forward to their new position provided there is no break in service.

6. Recreation Leave Loading

6.1 Academic staff and senior professional staff

Recreation Leave Loading will be paid to all academic staff and senior professional staff members (HEW Level 10 and above) in the first pay of December each year.

6.2 Professional staff

Recreation Leave Loading is paid on the ordinary salary of professional staff members (HEW Levels 1 - 9) when a period of Recreation Leave is taken.

7. Interaction with other Leave Types

7.1 Public holidays

Recreation Leave is exclusive of public holidays, any discretionary Christmas/New Year University Leave provided and rostered days off.

7.2 Personal Leave (Sick)

A staff member who becomes ill unexpectedly during a period of Recreation Leave may request to access Personal Leave (Sick) for the period of the illness. A medical certificate must be submitted covering the period of illness for consideration by the Authorised Officer.

8. Payment in Lieu of Recreation Leave

8.1 Termination

The balance of a staff member’s entitlement to Recreation Leave will be paid in lieu on termination.

On the death of a staff member, any balance of leave is paid to the legal beneficiaries through the designated representative of the estate of the deceased.

8.2 Research staff

A research staff member is expected to take accrued Recreation Leave prior to the end of their contract.

Where a research staff member has not taken their accrued Recreation Leave before the conclusion of their contract, the amount of the salary paid in lieu, and the associated charges, will be charged against the grant from which the appointment was paid. Where the charges exceed the grant funds available, the outstanding amount will be charged to a local account specified by the Head of the relevant organisational unit.

9. Management of Excess Recreation Leave Accrual

A staff member who accrues in excess of 8 weeks (290 hours) Recreation Leave, or a shift worker who accrues in excess of 10 weeks (362.5 hours) Recreation Leave, can be directed to take leave in accordance with the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement. This amount is pro-rata for part-time staff members.

10. Applying for Recreation Leave

10.1 Staff member responsibilities

10.1.1 Recreation Leave

A staff member is expected to discuss requests for Recreation Leave with their supervisor and/or Authorised Officer as soon as practicable.

A staff member may apply for a period of Recreation/Annual Leave.

It is expected that a request for Recreation Leave will be submitted at least one month before the leave is to be taken, unless otherwise agreed by the Authorised Officer.

10.1.2 Academic staff members applying for leave during the semester

An academic staff member who requests to take Recreation Leave during the semester may be required to seek additional approval from the officer authorised to approve academic leave during the semester.

An academic staff member must provide with their Leave Application:

  • Details of how the leave activity is relevant to their position and the University; and
  • Details of the proposed arrangements to cover their existing teaching responsibilities and other responsibilities of their position.

10.2 Authorised Officer responsibilities

10.2.1 Authorised Officer

When considering applications for Recreation Leave, consideration should be given to:

  • Eligibility requirements for the leave applied for;
  • The personal circumstances of the staff member; and
  • Operational requirements.

When considering applications for Recreation Leave for academic staff members during the semester, consideration should be given to:

  • Eligibility requirements for the leave applied for;
  • The relevance of the leave activity in relation to the staff member’s University responsibilities;
  • The proposed arrangement to cover the absentee’s teaching responsibilities, including availability of advice to students where applicable; and
  • Operational requirements where relevant.
Chief Human Resources Officer


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Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer