Accessing a Blackboard Site Related to a SI-net Course - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This procedure covers the responsibilities of Course Instructors in acquiring access to the Blackboard site related to the SI-net course they will be teaching in the upcoming semester.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Course Coordinator - The staff member responsible for the delivery of the course. The Course Coordinator nominated in the ECP is automatically assigned the 'Course Instructor' role in Blackboard.

Course Instructor - A role within Blackboard which is automatically assigned to the Course Coordinator based on the information provided in the ECP. Anyone with a role of Lecturer when the ECP is published, will also be created as a Course Instructor.

Course sites - An online learning environment within Blackboard, typically related to a SI-net course.

ECP – Electronic Course Profile.

SI-net course - any course offered at The University of Queensland into which a student enrols via SI-net.

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

This procedure applies to Course Instructors or delegated administrators who, within their School, are responsible for administration of Blackboard course sites. It outlines the requirements for obtaining access to the course site, and preparing the course site for teaching activities.

4. Procedures Statement

Course sites are automatically created in Blackboard at the start of each semester. Students are pre-enrolled based on SI-net data. When the ECP for each SI-net course is completed and published, the Blackboard course site is created automatically. The Course Coordinator named in the ECP is notified.

The Course Coordinator must ensure that course materials are added to the course site, and the site is made available to the students in accordance with PPL 3.80.01 Minimum Presence in Blackboard.

Students, assigned a 'Student' role within Blackboard, cannot 'request' a Blackboard course site to be created.

To gain access to the relevant Blackboard site, Course Instructors may choose to use the automatic or manual procedures, depending on their requirements.

4.1 Automatic course creation process

  1. The Course Coordinator ensures publication of the ECP for their SI-net course(s) in accordance with PPL 3.10.03 The Course Profile.

  2. Once the ECP for a course is published, the 'Course Instructor' role is assigned within the corresponding Blackboard course.

  3. The Course Coordinator will then receive a notification that their course is available to access, together with information regarding course preparation and availability for students.

4.2 Manual process

Course Instructors may choose to request a course to be created before it is automatically triggered with the ECP publication.

See instructions on how to create a course, including the process for merged courses here.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Doune Macdonald
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Doune Macdonald