Program Rules and Requirements - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

The procedures enact PPL 3.40.04 Admissions and Enrolments—Policy.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Associate dean (academic) - the relevant associate dean (academic) of the faculty administering the award.

Course list – the list of courses, approved by the executive dean, to be studied in a program and ABC list, when used in program rules, means the course list for those rules where “ABC” is the official abbreviation of the award to which the program leads.

Dual programs – a program leading to two degrees for which there is a single set of program rules.

Executive dean - the executive dean of the faculty administering the award.

Grade – this is the student’s achievement record for a course.

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

4. Procedures Statement

These procedures provide direction on managing program requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

5. All Program Rules

5.1 The program rules set out the courses to be taken to complete the program.

5.2 Unless otherwise stated, the application of a procedure may be displaced wholly or partly by a different intention appearing in any program rule.

5.3 Satisfaction of specified standard

5.3.1 Where a program rule requires the satisfaction of a specified standard or threshold, unless a different intention is expressed, it does not prohibit exceeding the standard.

Example —

  • “a student must include 2 majors” — does not prevent including 3 majors.
  • “a student must include 4 units from part A” — does not prohibit the inclusion of more than 4 units from part A.
  • “a student must get one-third of the units” — does not prevent getting more than one-third.
  • however, “a student may get up to one-third” does not permit getting over one-third.
  • “the associate dean (academic) must appoint 2 examiners” — does not prevent appointing 3 examiners.
  • “gain a grade of 3” is satisfied by gaining a higher grade.

5.4 Number

5.4.1 In the program rules, words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.

6. Dual Program Rules

6.1 Unless stated in a program rule, a student must comply with the program rules for both parts of the dual program.

6.2 If a course may be taken for either program, the associate dean (academic) must determine how it will be credited.

6.3 If the approval of an associate dean (academic) is required and the dual programs are administered by two faculties, the approval of both associate deans (academic) is needed.

6.4 A student must not enrol or cancel enrolment in a course without the approval of the associate dean (academic) when the program rules specify that course pre-enrolment approval is required.

6.5 The associate dean (academic) may cancel enrolment or place conditions on continued enrolment in a dual program, if a student does not maintain the level of progress required by the program rules.

7. Variation to Program Rules or Course Lists

7.1 The associate dean (academic) may allow a student to substitute a course not included in the course list and may set conditions.

7.2 Except where there is a University rule, policy or procedure that overrides program rules, an executive dean or the dean of the graduate school may —

(a) exempt a student from program rules; or

(b) vary the way program rules apply to a student; and

(c) set conditions,

if satisfied that —

(a) it is onerous or impractical for the student to comply with program rules; and

(b) academic standards will not be lowered; and

(c) the action will not be unfair to another student.

Academic Registrar Mr Mark Erickson
Academic Registrar Mr Mark Erickson