Organisational Unit Reviews - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this policy is to establish a process for and inform the regular review of the University’s organisational units. The reviews form part of a broader framework of the institution’s quality assurance processes.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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3. Policy Scope/Coverage

The organisational units covered by this policy are:

1. schools and cross-school academic disciplines;
2. University-level centres;
3. institutes; and
4. academic and administrative service units.

4. Policy Statement

Reviews have three key dimensions.

1. Reviews involve an evaluation of an organisational unit’s performance since the previous review, including the results of the program of improvement implemented in response to the recommendations of that review.
2. Reviews involve benchmarking of current structures, activities and performance against appropriate comparable organisations to determine the Unit’s standing, nationally and internationally, in relation to its key strategic goals.
3. Reviews involve an evaluation of the Unit’s future prospects in the context of the University’s strategic goals, its resources, and internal and external opportunities.

Evaluation of past, and benchmarking of current, performance nationally and internationally is undertaken primarily to develop an appropriate contextual understanding of future prospects.

The following principles underpin reviews:

1. Units are normally reviewed on a septennial basis;
2. the review will be undertaken in the context of the University as a whole;
3. the core foci are current performance and the unit’s capacity to meet the University’s strategic and future needs;
4. external assessment is a valuable and integral part of the process; and
5. the review process, including follow-up of review recommendations, is transparent and clearly documented.

Academic Registrar
Academic Registrar