Roles and Responsibilities of Associate Deans (Research) - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this policy is to articulate the role and responsibilities of the Associate Deans (Research) at The University of Queensland.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to incumbents in the position of Associate Dean (Research) within the University.

4. Policy Statement

The Associate Dean (Research) reports to the Executive Dean of the Faculty, playing a key role in the academic leadership of the Faculty, with a particular focus on research. The Associate Dean (Research) works closely with Heads of Schools, Directors of Faculty, School and University centres, Deputy Directors (Research) of cognate institutes, and with the Research Partnership Manager.

5. Key Responsibilities

Associate Deans (Research) are responsible to their Executive Dean for:

  • the facilitation and promotion of the development of strategic direction of research within the Faculty;
  • improvements in the quality and impact of that research,and;
  • the growth of local, national and international research collaborations.

Specific responsibilities within each broad area of the role of the Associate Dean (Research) are listed below.

5.1 Policy and leadership

  • Advise the Executive Dean on all faculty matters relating to Research and Higher Degree by Research students;
  • Facilitate growth of research activity in the faculty, including developing mechanisms and targets to achieve this;
  • Develop and maintain the research section of the Faculty Operational Plan in consultation with Faculty Research Committee and Heads of Schools;
  • Coordinate and plan the development of research infrastructure across the faculty;
  • Develop and coordinate strategies for maximising the faculty’s success in gaining external research funding;
  • Chair the Faculty’s Research Committee and ensure regular communication among the Faculty’s Higher Degree by Research coordinators;
  • Assume the responsibility for the establishment of criteria and local procedures for the allocation of funds in those areas specified by the Executive Dean;
  • Assume responsibility for the evaluation of faculty applications for internal UQ funding schemes;
  • Represent the faculty on appropriate University committees, working parties and review teams e.g. University Research Committee;
  • Maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy areas and initiatives in government (state and federal), in the professions and in relevant industries, including external funding opportunities;
  • Develop strategies to foster research collaborations within the faculty, across faculties and institutes, and with parties outside UQ.

5.2 Research enhancement

  • Work with schools and centres to establish and develop faculty research priorities;
  • Interact with industry, government, professions and the wider community on all research matters and promote faculty research activities to external stakeholders;
  • Work with the Research Partnership Manager to realise timely commercialisation opportunities;
  • Facilitate research mentorship within organisational units and across organisational units.

5.3 Research scholarship and staff development

  • Advise staff and students about forthcoming research opportunities (e.g. ARC and NHMRC programs) and alert staff to grant opportunities;
  • Coordinate faculty-level workshops and staff development activities on research-related issues;
  • Ensure that each organisational unit has timely and useful research grant readership schemes with a view to improving the quality of grant applications and increasing funding success rates;
  • Ensure staff and students are aware of UQ policies and procedures around research;
  • Encourage development of activities to attract the best higher degree by research students (e.g. enquiries database, promotional activities, regular updates of research profiles on the Faculty website and of individual research profiles on UQreSEARCHers).

5.4 Human resource management

  • Assist the Executive Dean and Heads of Schools as required in the management of human resource issues, including the recruitment and selection of staff, staff appraisals, performance management issues and staff grievances; and
  • Assist the Executive Dean and Heads of Schools as required to ensure the development of staff within the Faculty.

5.5 External relations

Assist the Executive Dean and Heads of Schools to:

  • Maintain effective links with government departments, authorities, business, commerce and industry organisations relevant to the schools research activities.
Chief Human Resources Officer


Roles, Responsibilities and Appointment of Associate Deans (Research) - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of these procedures is to outline the process for appointing, remunerating and supporting Associate Deans (Research).

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Authorised Officer – the officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the HR Authorisation Schedule

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to incumbents in the position of Associate Dean (Research) within the University.

4. Procedures Statement

The role of the Associate Dean (Research) is key in the leadership of a faculty, with a focus on research. The process to be followed to appoint, remunerate and support Associate Deans (Research) is set out below.

5. Appointment of Associate Deans (Research)

An Associate Dean (Research) will be appointed for each Faculty.

The Authorised Officer will appoint Associate Deans (Research), after appropriate consultation with the relevant Executive Dean. Where appropriate, an Associate Dean (Research) can be appointed by direct advertisement.

Associate Deans (Research) are appointed for terms of three to five years. Normally, Associate Deans (Research) do not serve more than two consecutive five-year terms.

6. Remuneration of Associate Deans (Research)

The Associate Dean (Research) will be paid a salary loading determined by the Authorised Officer after consultation with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the relevant Executive Dean where required. The amount of loading will depend on the size, complexity and extent of the Faculty's activities and on the assessed performance of the Associate Dean.

7. Support for Associate Deans (Research)

7.1 Deputy Associate Dean (Research)

A Deputy Associate Dean (Research) will act for the Associate Dean (Research) in the Associate Dean’s absence. The power to act does not include decision-making powers of the Associate Dean (Research) under the University Rules except where a delegation is expressly provided under the Rules.

7.2 Acting Associate Dean (Research)

Where there is no Deputy Associate Dean (Research), an acting Associate Dean (Research) can be appointed during absences in accordance with the HR Authorisation Schedule.

Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer