Availability and Archiving of Concluded Blackboard Courses and Online Course Materials - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This procedure clarifies the roles and responsibilities regarding the availability and archiving of teaching materials and course content stored on centrally-managed systems, following the conclusion of any teaching period.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Archiving - The process of taking a full or partial copy of the course content and storing it on separate, local infrastructure or storage.

Assessment material - Graded or otherwise assessment items submitted by a UQ student as part of a UQ course.

Availability - The state of the Blackboard course site when UQ students enrolled in that course are able to access it.

Blackboard - The central eLearning Management System (LMS) in use at UQ.

Centrally-managed systems - Information technology for which ITS has responsibility.

Course sites - An online learning environment within Blackboard, typically related to a SI-net course.

eLearning content - Resources developed for teaching and learning purposes including, but not limited to, documents, lecture recordings, multimedia, links, and assessment material.

ITS - Information Technology Services.

Online course materials - Content created and/or hosted on the UQ Learning Management System (LMS) and used for the purpose of teaching and learning within a UQ course.

Teaching period - The length of time for which a particular course is conducted.

3. Procedures Scope (coverage)

These procedures apply to any teaching or delegated administrative staff responsible for the administration and delivery of online course materials, including the provision of instructions about archiving of course material within Blackboard course sites.

4. Procedures Statement

Online course materials hosted on the UQ LMS will be maintained online, for the convenience of the student, for a minimum of 12 months from the course completion date. After this date, the materials will be moved to an online archive, for access by the originally enrolled students, for a period of no longer than four additional years.

Approval is required from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for holding of course materials on Blackboard for longer than 12 months.

Online course materials not hosted centrally on the UQ LMS are required to be available online for 12 months from the completion date.

4.1 Availability of online course material containing assessment

All online course material containing assessment must be kept for a minimum of 12 months from the course completion date. This is equivalent to the amount of time printed assessment items are to be maintained before secure destruction. Please refer to PPL 3.10.11 Examinations section 9. Retention and Disposal of Examination Papers.

ITS will be responsible for keeping online course material containing assessment(s) online, for this period. In cases where online course material is not hosted on the UQ LMS, it is the responsibility of the staff members delivering those courses to ensure that assessment materials are kept for a minimum of 12 months, preferably in an online format.

Course instructors wishing to retain online course material containing assessment for longer than the required 12 months must download and archive any assessment items to local School infrastructure before the 12 month period of availability ends.

4.2 Disaster recovery

ITS performs regular, scheduled back-ups of all central systems. Back-ups are stored off-site for a period of two years. Within this two year period and for a predefined service fee, all current staff and students can make requests to ITS to access archived course content.

As part of any contract agreement, ITS ensures that vendor-hosted services comply with set standards for data security and disaster recovery.

4.3 Academic staff responsibility for archiving

It is recommended that academic staff and/or course instructors make regular local back-ups of developed content for business continuity purposes, in the event that course content is lost for any reason.

Learning resources and material hosted on the LMS are archived according to UQ's requirements. Course coordinators are responsible for ensuring the appropriate archiving of resources on other systems. Additionally, if a faculty, school or organisational unit requires a permanent record of a Blackboard course site or other online course materials, it is their responsibility to create an archive/copy of the content required or, request a special archive from ITS.

See the Queensland Government's archiving policy here.

4.4 Processes relating to archiving Blackboard courses (including core Blackboard tools)

Course instructor accesses the course site and selects 'Export/Archive' course from the 'Packages and Utilities' area within the 'Course Management' menu.

See further instructions on how to archive/copy Blackboard course sites here.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)
Professor Doune Macdonald
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)
Professor Doune Macdonald