Welcome to the UQ Policy and Procedures Library (PPL), the central UQ repository for approved policies, procedures, guidelines and forms.  The PPL contains policy and related documents on topics relevant to students, staff and the UQ community.  The PPL is a public site and content is accessible to anyone who can navigate to it.  UQ staff can log in to the site to access additional features of the PPL.

How do I find documents in the PPL?

  • Browse from the Navigation menu to locate information By Topic, Title, Audience or Custodian responsible for the content. 
  • Search for information using the Search this site… function at the top of the page.  UQ staff can log in to the PPL to use advanced search features in the Search the PPL function located below the Navigation menu.
  • View the full list of PPL topics by clicking here.

What document formats are available?

All published PPL documents can be viewed online.  Forms are available as attachments or as URLs to the form location.  PPL documents can also be viewed or printed in print-friendly mode (graphics removed).  UQ staff can produce and print .pdf versions of published PPL documents.  Print-friendly and pdf icons are located at the top of each PPL document.

How can I find new or updated PPL entries?

  • You can view entries added or updated in the last three months from the Recent Updates option in the Navigation menu.  Check the Notes section of each document for information on what’s changed.
  • You can subscribe to an RSS feed of these recent updates by clicking on the RSS symbol on this page. 
  • UQ staff can subscribe to update notification of specific entries by logging in to the PPL, locating the entry of interest and clicking on the Subscribe to: This post link at the bottom of the entry. 
  • UQ staff can log in and check or edit their list of subscriptions from My Account> Notifications>Subscriptions located above the Navigation menu.

How can I get further information on a topic or provide feedback?

Email the topic custodian using the email address at the bottom of each entry for further information about the content.  If you want to provide feedback on a PPL matter use the Feedback pop-up on the bottom of each page.  Please include your email address if you'd like a response to your message.

How does information get approved and updated?

Click here for deadlines and further information on contributing to PPL content.  Click here for information on categories of PPL entries and the UQ Policy Framework.

What browsers are compatible with the PPL?

The PPL is best viewed in Firefox 3.x. Opera 10.x, Chrome 10.x, Safari 4.x, IE 8 standard version or higher.  There are known compatibility issues with IE 7.x and IE 8 compatability version and these versions are not recommended.

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