Availability and Archiving of Concluded Blackboard Courses and Online Course Materials - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This procedure identifies the roles and responsibilities associated with the availability and archiving of teaching materials and course content stored on centrally-managed systems, following the conclusion of any teaching period.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Archived course copy - The downloadable .zip file which is created when the Course Instructor follows the archive course process from within the Blackboard course management menu.

Archiving - The process of taking a full or partial copy of the course content and storing it on separate infrastructure.

Assessment material - Materials provided to or submitted by a UQ student as part of a UQ course assessment.

Availability - The state of the Blackboard course site when UQ students enrolled in that course are able to access it.

Blackboard - An educational, teaching and learning management system providing electronic delivery of coursework material. Online course information is provided to students to enable access to course information and communication in an interactive environment.

Centrally-managed systems - Information technology for which ITS has responsibility.

Course - A distinct unit of study within a program, normally undertaken over one semester for which a grade is given. Each course is identified by its alphanumeric code, a title and fixed unit value.

Course Coordinator - A member of academic staff who is responsible for coordinating the preparation, delivery and assessment of a course.

Course Instructor - A member of staff who has the role of 'Course Instructor' within the individual Blackboard course site.

Course site - A discrete online learning environment within Blackboard, typically related to a SI-net course.

ITS - Information Technology Services.

Online course materials - Online content used for the purpose of teaching and learning within a UQ course including, but not limited to, documents, lecture recordings, multimedia, links, and assessment material. Excluded from this definition are copyrighted materials, including reading list and associated content managed by the Library in the reading system, in compliance with copyright law.

Teaching period - The length of time within which a particular course is conducted.

3. Procedures Scope (coverage)

These procedures apply to all teaching or administrative staff responsible for the administration and delivery of online course materials.

4. Procedures Statement

ITS will ensure the course materials hosted on centrally managed systems are kept online for a minimum of 12 months from the completion of the course teaching period (refer to PPL 3.80.01 Minimum Presence in Blackboard).

Course Coordinators will make any online course materials not hosted on centrally managed systems available online to students for a minimum of 12 months from the completion of the course teaching period.

ITS will maintain Blackboard course sites online for up to four years from the start of the course teaching period, and lecture recordings will remain available for up to four years from the date of the original recording, for the convenience of the teaching staff and students. However, recordings unused for a period of two consecutive years may be deleted by ITS in consultation with the Course Coordinator.

Availability of online course materials on centrally managed systems beyond four years requires the prior approval of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Once the designated online maintenance period has elapsed, course copies will be archived to offline storage for a further two years. Archived course copies will be available on request via ITS helpdesk.

5. Availability of online assessment material

Online course material containing assessment is to be managed in accordance with PPL 3.10.11 Examinations Section 9 Retention and Disposal of Examination Papers and PPL 1.60.04 Records Management.

Where online assessment material is not hosted on centrally managed systems, Heads of School are responsible for ensuring that Course Coordinators keep such assessment available online to students for a minimum of 12 months from the end of the course teaching period.

6. Academic staff responsibility for archiving

If a Faculty, School or organisational unit requires permanent retention of any online course materials, it is the responsibility of the Course Coordinator to either download a copy of the materials required or to request support from ITS to do so.

Staff are required to use the appropriate retention and disposal schedule for the functions documented in the records (refer to PPL 1.60.04 Records Management, Section 6.4 Retention and Disposal of records.)


7. Processes relating to archiving Blackboard courses 

Course Instructors are able to make archived copies of their whole course sites from within the Blackboard application. Instructions on how to archive/copy Blackboard course sites are provided here.

It is important to note that archived course site copies can only be read within Blackboard itself and must be opened within a recent version of Blackboard.

Please note that assessment material should be retained in accordance with the University Sector Retention and Disposal Schedule QDAN 601V3.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Doune Macdonald
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Doune Macdonald