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1. Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Student Charter is to set out the University’s commitment to students’ education and experience at UQ, and to spell out the expectations and responsibilities of all members with respect to conduct; to provide guidelines to foster a healthy, diverse, creative and high achieving environment within which to study, research and work; and to continually strive to achieve recognition as a major global university developing solutions to global problems. The Charter brings together key principles outlined in the University’s various policies that promote a sense of community, personal accountability and respect for the rights of others.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Student Charter - a summary of the mutual aspirations and expectations of the UQ community for and about UQ students. 

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This Charter applies to:

  • all students at The University of Queensland;
  • all activities undertaken by students on University of Queensland premises and all external activities directly related to their study and research; and
  • all communication engaged in by students, including the use of social media, that is directly related to their role as a student.

4. Policy Statement

The University of Queensland is committed to:

  • establishing and sustaining a community that supports independent scholarly learning and research, critical judgment, academic integrity and ethical standards in all students;
  • the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of learning and research;
  • involving students as active participants in their educational experience; and
  • enhancing the student experience.

Fundamental to this commitment, the University has formulated the Student Charter, which recognises:

  • that all members of the University community deserve respect from others in both formal and informal contexts; and
  • the importance of educating all students and staff in relation to their responsibilities.

 All members of the University community will have access to the Student Charter.

Academic Registrar Mr Mark Erickson