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1. Organisation, Governance and Corporate Management

Topic Group


1.00 University Governance

1.00.01 UQ Governance and Management Framework

1.10 Delegations

1.10.01 Delegations

1.10.05 Human Resources Sub-delegations Instrument

1.15 Senate Remuneration

1.15.01 Senate Remuneration

1.20 Roles of Principal and Senior Officers

1.20.02 Roles and Responsibilities of Executive Deans

1.20.04 Roles, Responsibilities and Authority of Heads of Schools and Major Centres

1.20.07 Roles and Responsibilities of Associate Deans (Academic)

1.20.08 Roles and Responsibilities of Associate Deans (Research)

1.30 Structure and Processes

1.30.01 Senate and Academic Board Elections

1.30.03 Academic Board

1.30.04 Organisational Structures in University Systems

1.30.06 Establishment, Management and Closure of Institutes, Centres and Research Networks

1.30.07 Anatomy Facilities and Programs Governance

1.40 Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Reviews

1.40.01 UQ Brand Policy

1.40.02 Use of UQ Brand

1.40.05 Organisational Unit Reviews

1.40.06 Review of Schools and Academic Disciplines

1.40.07 Review of Academic and Administrative Service Units

1.40.08 Review of University Institutes and Centres

1.50 Ethical Conduct in the Workplace

1.50.01 Code of Conduct

1.50.02 Consultancy, Secondary Employment and Internal Work

1.50.03 Intellectual Freedom, Academic Freedom

1.50.04 Personal Relationships in the Workplace

1.50.06 Communications and Public Comment using The University of Queensland’s Name

1.50.09 Complaints of Corrupt Conduct Against the Vice-Chancellor and President

1.50.10 Fraud and Corrupt Conduct

1.50.12 Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Procedure for Members of Senate - Procedure

1.50.11 Conflict of Interest

1.50.13 Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

1.50.14 Foreign Influence Disclosure

1.60 Administrative Accountability

1.60.02 Privacy Management

1.60.03 Public Interest Disclosure

1.60.04 Records Management

1.60.05 Archives

1.60.06 Transfer and Disposal of Records

1.60.07 Working with Children

1.60.09 Complaints Management

1.70 Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Behaviours

1.70.01 Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Behaviours Policy

1.70.02 Prevention of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Behaviours

1.70.03 Disability Inclusion and Reasonable Adjustment for Staff

1.70.04 Children on Campus

1.70.05 Breastfeeding on Campus

1.80 Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit

1.80.01 Enterprise Risk Management

1.80.02 Enterprise Compliance Management Framework

1.90 Corporate Management

1.90.01 University Travel Management

1.90.02 Insurance Coverage and Management of Claims


2. Workplace Health and Safety

Topic Group


2.10 Governance and Consultation

2.10.01 Health and Safety Risk Management

2.10.02 Occupational Health and Safety Governance

2.10.03 Health, Safety and Wellness Policy

2.10.04 Health and Safety Responsibilities

2.10.05 Health and Safety Consultative Mechanisms

2.10.06 Health and Safety Management Reporting

2.10.07 Health and Safety Incident and Hazard Reporting

2.10.08 OHS Incident Investigation

2.10.10 Health, Safety and Wellness Audit

2.10.12 Right of Entry for WHS Permit Holders

2.15 Emergency and Fire Safety

2.15.02 Fire Safety Management

2.15.03 Placarding of Chemical Storage Areas

2.15.04 Fire Emergency Evacuation

2.20 Facility and Electrical Safety

2.20.01 Safe Use of Plant and Equipment

2.20.02 Safe Procurement and Acquisition of Plant and Equipment

2.20.03 Decommissioning and Dismantling of High Risk Plant

2.20.04 Temporary Barricading and Signage

2.20.05 Lockout-Tagout

2.20.06 Confined Spaces Management

2.20.07 Working at Height

2.20.08 Electrical Safety

2.20.09 Indoor Air Quality

2.20.10 Asbestos Management

2.25 Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation

2.25.01 Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation

2.30 Safe Working Environment

2.30.01 Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management

2.30.02 Working After Hours or in Isolation

2.30.03 Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Equipment

2.30.04 Eye Protection

2.30.05 Personal Protective Equipment

2.30.07 Boating Safety

2.30.08 Diving Safety

2.30.09 Work Off-Campus

2.30.10 Occupational Exposure to Sunlight

2.30.14 Laboratory Safety in Teaching Laboratories

2.30.15 Laboratory Decontamination and Decommissioning

2.30.16 Snorkelling

2.30.17 Smoke-Free UQ

2.40 Biosafety

2.40.01 Biosafety

2.40.03 Low Risk Genetically Modified Dealings

2.40.04 Notifiable Low Risk Dealings

2.40.06 Hendra Virus Risk Management

2.40.07 Requirements for the Identification of Genetically Modified Organisms in Storage

2.40.08 Working with Venoms and Toxins

2.40.09 Working with Gene-Edited Material

2.40.10 Working with Biosecurity Goods

2.40.11 Transport of Biological Materials

2.40.15 Working with Hazardous Biological Material

2.40.17 Working in a PC3 Facility

2.50 Ergonomics and Manual Tasks

2.50.01 Manual Tasks Risk Management

2.50.05 Laboratory Ergonomics

2.50.06 Controlling Risks From Exposure to Vibration

2.60 Occupational Health

2.60.01 Alcohol and Other Drugs

2.60.04 Hearing Conservation

2.60.05 Working Safely with Reproductive Hazards

2.60.06 Health Surveillance for Schedule 14 Hazardous Substances

2.60.07 Health Surveillance for Organophosphate Pesticides

2.60.08 Vaccinations and Immunisation

2.60.09 COVID-19 Vaccination

2.60.10 Working Safely With Blood and Body Fluids

2.60.12 Health Surveillance for Laboratory Animal Allergy

2.60.13 Q-Fever Screening and Immunisation

2.60.14 Working Safely with Bats and Flying Foxes

2.60.20 First Aid

2.60.22 First Aid Treatment for Burns

2.60.23 First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

2.70 Occupational Hygiene and Chemical Safety

2.70.02 Chemical Manifest

2.70.03 Safety Data Sheets

2.70.04 Chemical Labelling

2.70.05 Chemical Storage Safety

2.70.06 Flammable and Combustible Liquids: Storage and Handling

2.70.07 Storage of Chemicals in Fridges, Freezers and Cold Rooms

2.70.08 Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders

2.70.09 Chemical Spill and Response

2.70.10 Carcinogens Safety

2.70.12 Cytotoxic Compounds and Related Waste

2.70.13 Drugs and Poisons

2.70.14 Working Safely with Arsenic

2.70.15 Working Safely with Cyanide

2.70.16 Working Safely with Isoflurane

2.70.18 Working Safely with Hydrofluoric Acid

2.70.20 Working Safely with Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice

2.70.22 Working Safely with Nanomaterials

2.70.24 Working Safely with Phenol

2.70.25 Working Safely with Pyrophoric Substances

2.70.26 Chemicals of Security Concern

2.80 Radiation Safety

2.80.01 Radiation Safety

2.80.02 Regulatory Requirements for Research Projects using Radiation Sources

2.80.03 Risk Management and Approval Processes to work with Radiation Sources

2.80.04 Radiation Safety Data Sheets

2.80.05 Management of Unsealed Radioactive Waste

2.80.06 Personal Radiation Monitoring

2.80.07 Emergency Response Plan for Radioactive Spills

2.80.08 Transport of Radioactive Materials

2.80.10 Microwave Oven Safety


3. Teaching and Learning

Topic Group


3.10 Curricula and Assessment

3.10.01 Curriculum

3.10.02 Assessment

3.10.03 The Course Profile

3.10.04 Work Integrated Learning and Work Experience

3.10.05 Graduate Attributes

3.10.06 Postgraduate Coursework Graduate Attributes

3.10.07 Grading System

3.10.08 Release of Examination Papers

3.10.09 Supplementary Assessment

3.10.10 Assessment Re-mark

3.10.11 Examinations

3.10.12 Finalisation of Grades

3.20 Program Management

3.20.01 Academic Program Approval

3.20.02 Course and Program Design

3.20.03 Course Coding

3.20.04 Program Nomenclature

3.20.05 Collaborative Service Teaching

3.20.06 Recording of Teaching at UQ

3.20.07 Course Design

3.20.08 Program Design

3.20.09 Shorter Form Credentials

3.30 Quality Assurance and Enhancement

3.30.01 Teaching and Learning Roles and Responsibilities

3.30.02 Course and Teacher Surveys

3.30.03 Programs, Plans and Courses Quality Assurance

3.30.04 Annual Programs, Plans and Courses Quality Assurance

3.30.05 Academic Program Review

3.30.06 Review of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Programs

3.30.07 Collaborative Academic Program Arrangements

3.30.08 Teaching and Learning Awards

3.30.09 Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

3.30.10 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

3.30.11 Awards for Teaching Excellence

3.30.12 International Agreements

3.30.13 ESOS Compliance Commitment

3.30.14 Fitness to Practise

3.30.15 English Language Proficiency Development and Concurrent Support

3.40 Student Admissions, Fees and Enrolments

3.40.01 Student Fees

3.40.02 Incidental Student Fees and Charges

3.40.03 Student Refunds

3.40.04 Coursework Admission and Enrolment

3.40.05 Electronic Documents Submitted by Students

3.40.06 Undergraduate, Doctor of Medicine, Non-Award and CSP Admissions

3.40.07 Postgraduate Coursework Admissions

3.40.08 Access to Student Photograph Images

3.40.09 Student Identification Cards

3.40.11 Enrolment

3.40.14 English Language Proficiency Admission

3.40.15 International Student Supervision Program

3.40.16 Transfer of Provider - Overseas Students

3.50 Student Progression and Graduation

3.50.01 Academic Records

3.50.02 Academic Withdrawal from Courses

3.50.03 Recognition of Prior Learning

3.50.04 Dean's Commendations for Academic Excellence

3.50.05 Award of University Medals

3.50.06 Reasonable Adjustments - Students

3.50.07 Programs and Assessment for Elite Athletes

3.50.08 Alternative Academic Arrangements for Students with a Disability

3.50.09 Arrangements for Reasonable Adjustments in Examinations for Students with a Disability

3.50.10 Removal of Courses Due to Special Circumstances

3.50.11 Awards

3.50.12 Bachelor Honours Degrees

3.50.13 Student Defence Reserves Support

3.50.14 Academic Progression

3.60 Student Rights and Responsibilities

3.60.01 Student Code of Conduct

3.60.02 Student Grievance Resolution

3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct

3.60.05 Academic Administrative Appeals by Students

3.70 Class Timetabling

3.70.01 Class Timetabling and Room Bookings

3.80 Elearning

3.80.01 Minimum Presence in Blackboard

3.80.02 Guest Access in Blackboard

3.80.03 Accessing a Blackboard Site Related to a SI-net Course

3.80.04 Non SI-net Courses and Community Sites in Blackboard

3.80.05 Access to Blackboard by Community Members External to UQ

3.80.06 Availability and Archiving of Concluded Blackboard Courses and Online Course Materials

3.80.07 Communication of Book Chapters Online [copyright]

3.80.08 eLearning


4. Research and Research Training

Topic Group


4.00 Responsible Research

4.00.01 Responsible Research Management Framework Policy

4.00.02 Responsible Use of Peer Review

4.10 Research Management

4.10.01 Administration of Research Funding: Applications, Grants and Contract Research Policy

4.10.02 Research and Consultancy Costing and Pricing

4.20 Researcher Conduct

4.20.02 Managing Complaints about the Conduct of Research

4.20.03 Clinical Trial Governance

4.20.04 Authorship

4.20.06 Research Data Management

4.20.07 Human Research Ethics

4.20.08 Open Access for UQ Research Publications

4.20.09 Export Controls and Sanctions Regimes

4.20.10 Research Misconduct - Higher Degree by Research Students

4.20.11 Animal Ethics in Teaching and Research

4.30 Intellectual Property

4.30.01 Intellectual Property Policy

4.30.02 Intellectual Property Procedure

4.60 Higher Degree by Research Candidates

4.60.01 Eligibility and Role of Higher Degree by Research Advisors

4.60.02 Higher Degree by Research Candidate Charter

4.60.03 Higher Degree by Research Graduate Attributes

4.60.04 Higher Degree by Research Admission

4.60.05 Higher Degree by Research Candidature Progression

4.60.08 Higher Degree by Research Examination

4.60.09 Research Training

4.60.10 Higher Degree by Research Leave and Interruption to Candidature

4.60.11 Higher Degree by Research Candidature

4.70 Doctoral Programs

4.70.03 Professional Doctorates

4.70.04 Higher Doctorates

4.80 Research Scholarships

4.80.01 UQ and RTP Research Scholarships


5. Human Resources

Topic Group


5.20 Title Holders

5.20.05 Academic Titles for Health Professionals

5.20.07 Visiting Academic

5.20.14 Industry Fellow

5.20.15 Honorary and Adjunct Title Holders

5.20.16 Emeritus Professor

5.30 Pre-Employment and Orientation

5.30.01 Recruitment, Selection and Appointment

5.30.04 Employment of Relatives and Other Close Associates

5.30.05 Job Sharing

5.30.12 Identification Cards for University Staff and Associates

5.30.14 Volunteers

5.30.18 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

5.40 Position Classification and Review

5.40.03 Evaluation and Classification of Professional Positions

5.41 Academic Staff - Appointments, Duties and Responsibilities

5.41.02 Tutorial Fellows and Tutorial Assistants

5.41.03 Confirmation and Promotions (Academic Staff) Policy

5.41.04 Promotion of Academic Staff

5.41.05 Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff)

5.41.07 Workload Allocation for Academic Staff

5.41.10 Casual Academic Staff

5.41.12 Academic Categories

5.43 Employment Conditions

5.43.03 Trainees and Apprentices

5.43.09 Transfer and Travel between University Locations

5.50 Reimbursements, Allowances, Loadings and Superannuation

5.50.01 Salary Loadings and Performance Payments

5.50.03 Appointment Relocation Assistance

5.50.16 Work and Expense-Related Allowances for Professional Staff

5.55 Hours of Work and Flexible Work Arrangements

5.55.01 Management of Professional Staff Workloads

5.55.05 Attendance, Hours of Work and Overtime (Professional Staff)

5.55.06 Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Support Options Available for Staff

5.55.07 Flexible Working Arrangements

5.55.08 Annualised Salary Program

5.55.09 Part-Time Work

5.55.10 Purchased Leave

5.55.11 Telecommuting

5.60 Leave

5.60.01 Leave Entitlements

5.60.03 Personal Leave

5.60.06 Leave Without Pay

5.60.07 Long Service Leave

5.60.08 Special Leave

5.60.09 Parental Leave

5.60.10 Recreation Leave

5.60.11 Individual Flexibility Arrangement

5.60.12 Religious and Cultural Observance

5.60.13 Compassionate Leave

5.60.14 Community Service Leave

5.60.16 Defence Forces Leave

5.60.20 Leave to Attend Court

5.60.21 Christmas/New Year University Leave

5.60.23 Leave to Contest Elections and Hold Office

5.70 Performance Management and Grievance Procedures

5.70.01 Executive and Professional Staff Annual Performance and Development

5.70.03 Diminished Performance and Unsatisfactory Performance

5.70.06 Staff Assistance Services

5.70.08 Staff Grievance Resolution

5.70.13 Medical Conditions Affecting Performance

5.70.15 Academic Annual Performance and Development

5.70.17 Criteria for Academic Performance

5.80 Career Development, Increments and Staff Recognition

5.80.01 Staff Development

5.80.02 Special Studies Program

5.80.03 Recognition of 25 Years' Service - Professional Staff

5.80.07 Study Assistance Scheme for Professional Staff

5.80.10 Staff Movement

5.80.19 Mentoring

5.90 Cessation of Appointment

5.90.01 Resignation

5.90.04 Transitioning to Retirement


6. Information and Communication Technology

Topic Group


6.10 Access to Corporate Systems

6.10.02 Access to Aurion Human Resources System

6.10.03 Access to Student System

6.20 Information and Communication Technology

6.20.01 Information and Communication Technology Policy

6.20.03 Software Acquisition and Use

6.20.04 Email and Bulk Messaging

6.20.05 UQ Digital Presence

6.20.06 Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources

6.30 Cyber Security

6.30.01 Cyber Security Policy

6.30.02 Cyber Security Exceptions

6.40 Information Management

6.40.01 Information Management Policy

6.40.02 Information Security Classification

6.40.03 Data Handling

6.40.04 Destruction of Records

6.40.05 Access to and Amendment of UQ Documents

6.40.06 Keeping Records at UQ


7. Physical Facilities and Services

Topic Group


7.10 UQ Land, Buildings and Facilities

7.10.01 Use and Management of UQ Land, Buildings and Facilities Policy

7.10.02 Capital Planning and Approval

7.10.03 Third Party Hire of UQ Land, Buildings and Facilities Policy

7.10.04 Asset Management Plan

7.10.05 Parking on University Sites

7.10.06 Display of Banners

7.30 Events

7.30.01 Event Approval and Control

7.40 UQ Library

7.40.01 Library Code of Practice

7.40.02 Library Membership

7.40.03 Library Resources and Contacts

7.50 Occupation of University Land and Buildings

7.50.01 Occupation of University Land and Buildings by Lease or Licence

7.60 Critical Incident Management

7.60.01 Critical Incident Management


8. Community and Development Activities

Topic Group


8.10 Community Development

8.10.02 UQ Multi-faith Chaplaincy

8.15 Honour and Philanthropic Naming

8.15.01 Naming

8.15.02 Honorary Awards

8.20 Museums and Art Collections

8.20.01 Management of Museums and Collections

8.20.02 Art Collection Development

8.25 Advancement

8.25.01 Philanthropy and Fundraising

8.30 Recognition of Individuals

8.30.01 Recognition of Individuals

8.40 Protocol

8.40.01 Ministerial and Dignitary Protocol


9. Financial Management Practices

Topic Group


9.10 Financial Governance

9.10.01 Financial Governance Policy

9.10.02 Taxes

9.10.04 Special Payments

9.10.05 Expense Claims

9.10.06 Accounts Payable

9.10.08 Cash Advances

9.10.09 Corporate Credit Cards

9.10.10 Travel Cards

9.15 Financial Planning and Budgeting

9.15.01 Financial Planning and Budgeting Policy

9.15.02 Budgeting and Forecasting

9.20 Financial Reporting and Disclosure

9.20.01 Financial Reporting and Disclosure Policy

9.20.03 Retention of Financial Records

9.20.04 Reportable Gifts and Benefits

9.20.05 Plant and Equipment Leasing

9.20.06 Reporting of Losses

9.20.07 Contract Research and Grants Financial Management

9.20.08 Chart of Accounts and General Ledger

9.20.10 Journal Entries

9.20.12 Credit Pre-Billing and Collection

9.20.14 Receipting and Banking

9.20.15 Hospitality

9.20.16 Financial Management of Scholarships

9.20.19 Assets

9.20.20 Foreign Exchange Risk

9.25 Investment

9.25.01 Investment Policy

9.25.02 Loans Receivable and Payable

9.30 Controlled Entities

9.30.01 Controlled Entities Policy

9.40 Procurement

9.40.01 Procurement Policy

9.40.02 Procurement Procedure

9.40.03 Probity and Integrity in Procurement

9.40.04 Supplier Creation and Maintenance

9.40.05 Purchasing


10. Environment and Sustainability

Topic Group


10.10 Sustainability

10.10.01 Environment and Sustainability Policy


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