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The Policy and Procedures Library is part of the University’s hierarchy of governance documents, which includes the University of Queensland Act, University Statutes and Senate Rules. 

View the Act, Statutes and Rules on the Legislation and Rules website.

PPL Content – Topics and Types

The PPL contains the University’s policies, procedures, guidelines and associated forms which direct the management and operation of academic, research, administrative, human resources, physical facilities, community relations, information and communication, financial management and sustainability issues and responsibilities.

The four entry types are colour-coded for easy identification. Each entry has a scheduled review date, but documents may be revised more frequently if circumstances require. Entries in the PPL are compiled using generic template formats and must pass through content consultation, consistency checking and formal approval phases before they can be published.

Policies (colour code = blue)

University policies establish key principles and values that have University-wide and long-term application. Policies establish rules. Formal University policy is approved by Senate, or in the case of policies on human resources topics, by the Vice-Chancellor. Policies are long-term, rather than transient, in application.  Policies are brief documents. Compliance with policies is mandatory. Policies are scheduled for review at least every three years.

Procedures (colour code = green)

Procedures are documents which operationalise or implement a policy, or are stand-alone instructional documents. Compliance with procedures is mandatory. Procedures are approved by the senior UQ officer responsible for the function covered by the procedures. Depending on the content of procedures, these documents are scheduled for review annually or at least every three years.

Guidelines (colour code = gold)

Guidelines are non-binding statements which outline approaches to implementing policies or other governance documents. Guidelines may provide options for courses of action to achieve an objective, to carry out a responsibility or task or to reach a decision. Guidelines may intersect with multiple polices. Guidelines are approved by the senior UQ officer responsible for the function covered by the guidelines. These documents are scheduled for review at least every three years.

Forms (colour code = purple)

Forms can be associated with policies, procedures or guidelines. A PPL entry can have multiple forms associated with it. A PPL form can be a link to an on-line application or can be an attachment. Forms may be updated at any time.


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