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1. Purpose and Objectives

This Policy outlines the availability of pre-retirement contracts and educational seminars to assist employees transitioning to retirement.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Enterprise AgreementThe University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014 - 2017

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all continuing staff.

4. Policy Statement

The University recognises the importance of planning for retirement to allow staff to make a smooth and informed transition into retirement, while also assisting the University to undertake workforce planning, including succession planning.

The University is committed to providing a range of mechanisms to support staff considering retirement including through the provision, by agreement, of a pre-retirement contract and educational seminars.

5. Pre-Retirement Contracts

Where it is mutually beneficial to an employee and the University, a pre-retirement contract may be negotiated. Discussions regarding pre-retirement contracts should be approached with sensitivity and confidentiality by the University. Discussions in the preliminary stage should remain confidential.

A pre-retirement contract will generally not exceed 3 years in duration, but may be up to 5 years in duration. Pre-retirement contracts may contain negotiable terms including but not limited to:

  • a pre-retirement salary loading;
  • a variation in duties performed by the employee; and/or
  • flexibility in working hours.

Pre-retirement contracts are entirely voluntary and require the employee to relinquish their continuing appointment.

Employees will not be re-employed at the completion of a pre-retirement contract unless exceptional circumstances apply.

6. Pre-Retirement Seminars

The University will make available pre-retirement seminars on a range of issues to assist employees who are contemplating retirement.

Chief Human Resources Officer Dr Al Jury