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1. Purpose and Objectives

The University of Queensland is a public authority and is subject to the provisions of the Public Records Act 2002.  This policy sets out the responsibilities, objectives, functions and administrative arrangements of the University of Queensland Archives, and incorporates the requirements of the legislative environment mandated by Queensland State Archives.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Archives/archival records – The non-current records created by an organisation that are a direct result of administrative or organisational activity and hold permanent status in a current and authorised retention schedule or have continuing or permanent value. In the case of the University this value may be administrative, legal, scientific, research, historical or ephemeral.  Archival records comprise multiple formats including paper, digital, audiovisual, and photographic.

Ephemeral - Materials, usually printed documents, created for a specific, limited purpose, and generally designed to be discarded after use.  A repository may collect ephemera as examples or specimens.

Preservation – Minimising chemical, environmental and physical deterioration and damage by employing best practice standards and codes to minimise the loss of information and to extend the life of material.

Repository - A central place in which archival records are kept and maintained in an organised way.

3. Policy Scope

This policy applies to staff undertaking all aspects of University business.  It incorporates records in all formats including hardcopy and electronic.

4. Policy Statement

The University Archives operates as the institutional repository for university records having legal, administrative, historical and ephemeral value. Equally, the archives holdings substantiate corporate accountability, reflect administrative operational history and enhance societal memory through research, teaching, and outreach to the University and greater community.

This policy should be read concurrently with the Records Management Policy and the Records Disposal Policy.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 Senior Management

To ensure the University’s compliance with the requirements of the Public Records Act 2002 including the principles and standards established by the Queensland State Archives.

5.2 Archivist

The University Archivist is responsible for the operational management of the University Archives in addition to the identification, collection and preservation of archival records, facilitation of access to archival holdings and contribution to the management of University records and knowledge.

5.3 University staff

All university employees are obligated to transfer records of archival value, such as signed committee minutes, to the University Archives.

University Librarian Caroline Williams