Recording of Research Grants - Significance of Block Grants - Procedures

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1.  Purpose and Objectives

These procedures outline the process implemented by UQ Research & Innovation for recording research funding. 

2.  Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

GRL - Grant Record Letter

RMO - Research Management Office

UQR&I - UQ Research & Innovation

3.  Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to all research funds administered by The University of Queensland through UQ Research & Innovation. 

4.  Procedures Statement

All research funding received by The University of Queensland is administered by UQ Research & Innovation. The award of research funding is acknowledged through a Grant Record Letter.  Research funds are recorded as either Block or Earmarked funding based on the requirements of the relevant funding agreement.   

5.  Grant Record Letter

UQ Research & Innovation (UQR&I), through the Research Management Office (RMO) acknowledges the award of research funding through a Grant Record Letter (GRL) issued to the first-named UQ Chief Investigator. Copies of the GRL and funding agreement are also forwarded to the Head of School/Director of Institute/Centre, School/Centre/Institute Administrative/Finance Officer, and Contract and Grants Accounting Section.  

6.  Types of Funding

Research funding may be recorded as a Block Grant or Earmarked Grant. A Block Grant is shown as a single line budget, whereas an Earmarked Grant has specified levels of funding against each expenditure category (salaries, travel, maintenance etc).

Finance and Business Services, through the Contract and Grants Accounting Section, are responsible for the financial administration of research funds.

6.1 Block grants

6.1.1 A Chief Investigator who wishes to expend block grant funding in a way significantly different from that which has been approved by the funding body, must send to UQR&I a written request outlining the proposed use of funds and a justification for the variation.

6.1.2 Significantly different expenditure shall include, but not be limited to, expenditure on items not listed in the original proposal/application budget.

6.1.3 Any variation in expenditure must be consistent with the contractual arrangements pertaining to the funds. UQR&I will forward the statement to the funding body if required or, in the case of internal funds, to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), or delegate, for approval.

6.2 Earmarked grants

6.2.1 Where research funds are recorded, showing allocations under expenditure categories (earmarked), funds cannot be transferred between categories unless:

  • the funding agreement permits the University to approve transfers, and
  • the proposed transfer is within the limits so authorised.

6.2.2 In any other case, approval of the funding body is required.

6.2.3 To arrange for a transfer of funds across expenditure categories, a Chief Investigator must submit a written request through UQR&I.

6.2.4 Where the Funding Agreement permits, UQR&I will arrange for the funds to be transferred as appropriate. If approval is required from the funding body, UQR&I will forward the request for approval and subsequently advise the Chief Investigator. In such cases, a GRL Re-record will be issued to reflect the change.

Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson
Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson