Academic Adjustments - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy covers reasonable academic adjustments that may be made in specified circumstances to academic programs offered by The University of Queensland to ensure all its students are able to participate equitably in the academic life of the University.

The University will, where appropriate, make reasonable academic adjustments for students in circumstances which would generally include, but are not limited to the following:

  • students who have a disability;
  • students who are elite athletes;
  • students who are committed to religious observance;
  • students who are Defence Reservists.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Academic Programs – sequence of study leading to the award of a qualification such as an undergraduate degree or diploma, and/or postgraduate coursework qualification.

Defence Reservists – Students who join the Navy, Army or Air Force as part-time members of the Australian Defence Force. They are volunteers.

Elite athlete - is a student who is identified and recognised by one of the following organisations as an elite athlete representing Australia, or a State or Territory of Australia–

Reasonable adjustment – for this policy, a reasonable adjustment is a change to a course or program which may alter, within reason, the specific activities but retains the essential learning objectives for the course or program.

Religious observance - Compliance with a religious law, custom, command or rule, or the long-standing custom of celebrating a religious holiday or similar occasion.

Student with a disability – is a student identified as having a disability as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all students at the University of Queensland. This policy does not cover circumstances which are covered elsewhere, such as PPL 1.70.08 Disability; PPL 1.70.01 Equity and Diversity; Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act (1991); Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992).

4. Policy Statement

The University will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate a student within a program for which they are enrolled or for which they are eligible for admission. This may involve providing reasonable adjustments. In developing these reasonable adjustments, the University needs to ensure that academic standards are maintained.The privacy of the student is also a prime consideration.

In providing these adjustments for students, the University will continue to ensure the academic integrity of its courses or programs to ensure all graduates have the appropriate knowledge, experience and expertise implicit in the holding of that particular award.

In the event that a student’s application for a blue card is rejected, the head of school, in consultation with the relevant faculty, will make reasonable efforts to arrange academic adjustments for the student to complete the program requirements. For further information please see PPL 1.60.07 Working With Children – Policy and Procedures.

4.1 Students with a disability

The University recognises its specific legal and moral responsibility to provide a participatory environment for students with disabilities. In order that all students are provided a comparable opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and competency for assessment purposes, where necessary, the University will make arrangements for reasonable adjustment for students who meet the relevant criteria.

The University has developed a Disability Action Plan which highlights priorities in making reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities. The University’s Disability Action Plan and relevant policies are informed by the following legislation and national guidelines:

4.2 Elite athletes

The University recognises that students who are elite athletes are generally attempting to undertake studies at a time when they are at the peak of their sporting ability. The University is committed to enabling elite athletes to integrate their academic and sporting commitments.

For students who meet the criteria for consideration as an elite athlete, the University will arrange, where appropriate, for students to progress in their program of study while participating in sport at an elite level. Athletes whose events are not designated above in section 2 may submit an application for consideration to the Academic Registrar or delegate. The Head of the School of Human Movement Studies may be consulted regarding the status of an athlete.

4.3 Religious observance

The University may arrange for reasonable academic adjustments required due to religious observance.

Academic Registrar Mr Mark Erickson
Director, Student Affairs Mr Andrew Lee
Academic Registrar Mr Mark Erickson
Director, Student Affairs Mr Andrew Lee