Faculty/Institute Occupational Health and Safety Manager Role and Function - Procedures

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1.  Purpose and Objectives

This procedure sets out the roles and responsibilities of OH&S Manager positions in Faculties and Institutes.

2.  Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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3.  Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to all organisational units at the University.

4.  Procedures Statement

In Faculties, Institutes and Schools where their OH&S Committee believes there is sufficient risk, a dedicated Occupational Health and Safety Manager (OH&S Manager) may be appointed to assist in the interpretation and implementation of the University OH&S Systems and Policies. Where this is the case, the OH&S Manager must also fulfil the role of the Work Health and Safety Co-ordinator and carry out the functions listed for a WHSC under PPL 2.10.06.

The appointment of an OH&S Manager does not relinquish the responsibilities of heads of school, managers, supervisors or staff under the Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011. Rather, the appointment of WH&S Manager is part of the strategy to assist all parties in meeting their legislative responsibilities (see PPL 2.10.04 Staff Responsibilities for Occupational Health and Safety).

5.  Occupational Health and Safety Manager Role

The OH&S Manager role will include the role of the WHSC listed in PPL 2.10.06 as well as the following additional functions:

  • Collaborate with the OH&S Division to ensure University OH&S policies, procedures and guidelines are appropriate for their area of responsibility;
  • Co-ordinate and implement the University OH&S Management system within their area of responsibility;
  • Provide advice and support to local Senior Management to enable OH&S issues to be resolved;
  • Ensure that OH&S programs are consistent with University policies and procedures; and
  • Other duties as agreed with the Faculty or Institute.

6.  Occupational Health and Safety Division Responsibilities in support of OH&S Managers

  • Provide specialist advice and support to OH&S Managers regarding the management of Workplace Hazards and Risks;
  • Ensure that the implementation of local OH&S Systems is consistent with University wide OH&S Management Systems;
  • Ensure a University OH&S audit system is in place to monitor the effectiveness of injury prevention and risk management policies and procedures; and
  • Ensure effective two way communication between OH&S Managers and the OH&S Division.
Director, Health, Safety and Wellness Mr Jim Carmichael
Director, Health, Safety and Wellness Mr Jim Carmichael