Water Management - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy provides direction to the University community for use of potable water in agreement with the Environmental Management Policy.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Potable water - Water that is suitable for human consumption, food preparation, utensil washing and oral hygiene – ref. AS/NZS 3500

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to staff, students, contractors and visitors of the University and applies to all activities conducted on University premises or under the auspices of the University.

4. Policy Statement

The University of Queensland acknowledges the importance of water as an essential resource for successfully meeting its operational objectives.  It also realises the need to use this resource responsibly in a manner that is sustainable and complimentary to its Environmental Management Policy.

Staff, students, contractors and visitors must meet their responsibilities under this policy.

5. Responsibilities

Individuals and organisational units have the following responsibilities in meeting this policy:

5.1 Faculties, Institutes, Schools, Centres and Divisions

UQ organisational units should always:

  • Purchase water efficient plant and equipment;
  • Consume water responsibly and in compliance with current local water restrictions;
  • Ensure that every individual within the organisational unit is aware of this policy and their responsibilities under this policy;
  • Ensure that any third parties under the organisational unit’s control are accountable for the use of any water on University of Queensland campuses and sites;
  • Support, where appropriate, courses, programs and research of alternate water sources, treatment, plant and equipment, systems and other water infrastructure; and
  • Make available funding to support water conservation measures.

5.2 Property and Facilities Division

In addition to the responsibilities as an organisational unit, Property and Facilities will also:

  • Acquire water for corporate use at UQ campuses and sites;
  • Design and construct new, and maintain existing facilities and their fixed water infrastructure;
  • Identify, develop and implement awareness programs; and
  • Make available funding to support corporate water conservation measures.

5.3 Individuals

The University community should always:

  • Use water in an efficient manner, including the operation of personal and environmental control equipment;
  • Report any water leaks to PF Assist; and
  • Comply with any corporate or local policies and procedures for water management.

6. Commitment

In addressing this policy statement, the University will:

  • Incorporate water efficiency measures into all new and refurbished facilities through best practices in water efficient design, the selection and sizing of plant and equipment, systems and other water infrastructure.
  • Maintain all plant and equipment, and control and manage systems and water infrastructure in such a way as to maximise efficiency.
  • Monitor and report on the University’s water consumption at micro and macro levels and identify and implement opportunities for improved water efficiency.
  • Promote awareness of the responsibility for water conservation to faculties, institutes, schools, centres, divisions, sections and individuals.
  • Pursue the use of alternate water sources to supplement potable water use.
  • Strive to meet our obligations as a member of the Global Community including legislative requirements and minimizing environmental impacts.
  • Strive to procure, distribute and maintain water resources at the lowest cost while addressing the items above.
Director, Property and Facilities Mr Fabby Ernesta
Director, Property and Facilities Mr Fabby Ernesta