Committees of Senate - Policy

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1.  Purpose and Objectives

This policy outlines the conduct of meetings to be adopted by Senate committees.

2.  Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Senate - The University of Queensland Senate

3.  Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all Senate committees and sub-committees.

4.  Policy Statement

The procedure for conducting Senate committee meetings must be consistent among all committees. Compliance with this policy is mandatory in order to ensure this consistency.

5.  Senate Committees: Conduct of Meetings

5.1 Chairperson

If Senate does not appoint a chairperson, the committee is to appoint one of its members.

If the chairperson is absent from a meeting, the committee appoints one of its members to preside over the meeting.

The person presiding over a meeting has a deliberative vote and, if needed, a casting vote.

5.2 Co-opting of members

A committee may co-opt up to two additional members who may vote on any matter except the exercise of a delegation from Senate.

5.3 Delegation of power from Senate

If a committee is to exercise a power delegated to it by Senate, at least one senator must be present.

5.4 Quorum

The quorums for Senate committees are:

No. of members   Quorum

2-3                      All members

4-6                      3

7 or more            5

Senate Secretary Dr John Montgomery
Senate Secretary Dr John Montgomery