Gift Acceptance Delegations - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy details the delegation of authority by The University of Queensland’s Senate for the acceptance of philanthropic gifts and grants on behalf of The University of Queensland sourced from donations and bequests.

This policy further develops the principles outlined in PPL 8.25.01 Philanthropy and Fundraising and PPL 9.30.05 Donations and Bequests.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Philanthropic gift – an irrevocable transfer of personal property (e.g., cash, securities, books, equipment) or real property by a donor, either outright or through a planned/deferred gift vehicle (e.g., charitable gift annuity, retained life estate, charitable remainder trust or life insurance), for the charitable purpose designated by the donor and without expectation of a tangible or economic benefit to the donor except tax benefits and life income in the case of planned/deferred gifts.

Philanthropic grant – A contribution made by a philanthropic trust or foundation for a specified purpose. Grants are usually conditional upon certain qualifications as to the use, maintenance of specific standards, or a proportional contribution by the grantee or other grantor(s).

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all staff of The University of Queensland, and any person acting on behalf of the University to facilitate philanthropic contributions.

4. Policy Statement

Delegations of authority to accept philanthropic gifts and grants on behalf of the University are intended to ensure that the University operates effectively and efficiently by empowering its officers with appropriate delegations necessary to discharge their responsibilities.

These responsibilities include controls to ensure that the reputation of the University is protected, that gifts and grants accepted are aligned with the University’s strategic priorities whilst ensuring that donor interests are championed.

The University is required to recognise as income monies received from external sources in accordance with PPL 9.30.01 Revenue Sources - Procedure.  

5. Gift Acceptance Delegations

5.1 Requirements of Delegates

The authority to accept philanthropic gifts and grants on behalf of the University is extended to officers under the following conditions:

  1. Gifts and grants are accepted in accordance with the strategic objectives of the recipient unit / University and subject to written approval by the head of recipient portfolio, faculty, institute or school;
  2. Delegations are exercised in accordance with all University of Queensland approved policies and procedures;
  3. Delegations are applicable to a position, not to an individual person; Any delegation given to a position will also apply to any subsequent holder of that position, including those acting in the role, unless otherwise stated to the contrary;
  4. Delegates may not exercise a delegation that will result, either directly or indirectly, in any personal benefit to the delegate.
  5. Prior to the acceptance of any philanthropic gift or grant, the delegate must be satisfied that funds will be adequate to meet the objective for which the revenue is given;
  6. UQ Research and Innovation (UQRI) protocol must be followed for any philanthropic research grant, (refer to PPL 4.10.07 Conditions of Acceptance of Research Funds - Policy);
  7. A delegate must not authorise receipt of a gift or grant where the intended use is not for University functions (refer to University of Queensland Act 1998 section 5).


5.2 Schedule of Delegations

Gift Amount / Description

Gift Acceptance Delegate*

Gifts generated through the Annual Giving Program coordinated by UQ Advancement; or Campaigns initiated by an entity of the University by direct mail, email or telephone contact, or Online Giving.

Fund / Campaign authorised in advance by PVC (Advancement) or delegate.

Up to $50,000

Advancement Manager / Senior Advancement Manager (HEW 8 and above)

Up to $500,000

Advancement Director (HEW 10 and above)

Up to $2,000,000

PVC (Advancement)

Any amount


Notified Bequests

Gift acceptance delegation at value of gift and discharge as required by will.

*Also subject to sign-off by relevant unit.

5.3 Compliance

The University must ensure that any gift or grant received is in line with its Vision, Mission, Values and other relevant policies and codes.  Any gifts that are complex in nature, which may be due to providence, nature of assets or terms should be referred to the PVC (Advancement).  For further detail refer to PPL 8.23.03 Gift Acceptance Procedure.

In addition, the University must ensure that the donation does not compromise its status as a Deductable Gift Recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act to which donations are deductible to donors for taxation purposes.

Gifts and grants designated for a specific purpose are to be expended for that purpose only.

5.4 Reporting to Senate

UQ Advancement will provide reports to the June and November Senate meetings as to how these delegations have been exercised.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Advancement) Ms Jen Karlson