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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy provides the basis of engagement of members of the community who provide their services to the University in a voluntary capacity.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Regulated activity – activity regulated by the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act (Qld) 2000

Volunteer – person who willingly offers to provide their services on an unremunerated basis

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to members of the community who donate their services in a voluntary capacity to the University without expectation of remuneration. Volunteers include those undertaking work on fundraising and community-oriented projects, tertiary students wishing to gain exposure to particular University functions, among others.

4. Policy Statement

The University supports the use of volunteers on projects that benefit the relationship between the University and the community, provided that volunteers are not used to replace paid workers.

Volunteers must not be directed to perform work that would normally be undertaken by University staff. Volunteers are not staff of the University and hence are not subject to The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2010 - 2013, however they are subject to various legislative requirements including the Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011 and the Child Protection Act (Qld) 1999.

Volunteers are covered by the University's Public Liability insurance policy for damage they may accidentally do to other people or property in the course of their work for the University. As with all insurance policies there are numerous exceptions to the cover.

Volunteers must act responsibly in the use, maintenance and custody of all University resources, and will observe the normal practices of the University. The University provides only limited personal accident insurance for volunteers. Volunteers should be aware of the advantages of having personal accident cover and are encouraged to arrange cover prior to undertaking any work. Under the Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011, visitors, including volunteers, are regarded as staff whilst on University grounds. The Head of organisational unit is responsible for ensuring that all volunteers are made aware of the organisational unit's relevant OH&S policy and procedures, and of the University's OH&S website.

5. Duties

The duties of a volunteer must be carried out under the supervision of the Head of the organisational unit or a staff member nominated by the Head of the organisational unit. Where the duties of the volunteer involve a regulated activity, the volunteer must be in possession of a ‘blue card’ prior to offering their services (PPL 1.60.07 Working with Children policy).

Chief Human Resources Officer Dr Al Jury