Availability and Archiving of eLearning Content (Blackboard) - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This procedure aims to clarify the roles and responsibilities regarding the availability of course materials following the conclusion of any teaching period, and for archiving of teaching materials and course content stored on Blackboard.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Availability - The ability of staff and students to access the Blackboard course content from previous semesters, up to 12 months from the cessation of the course

Archiving - The process of taking a full copy of the course content and storing it on local systems or storage for future reference

Blackboard - The central eLearning course management system hosted and maintained by ITS

Core Blackboard Tools - Tools that are included within the Blackboard system license

Courses sites - Individual Blackboard sites allocated to each SI-net course

eLearning - Online or electronic systems used in teaching and learning activities at the University, through which course content is created and stored

eLearning materials - Materials used for the purposes of teaching and learning, created or hosted on an electronic system in use at UQ

Non-core Blackboard tools - Tools that may be integrated with the Blackboard system, but are not part of the Blackboard license, and may not be hosted or managed by ITS or UQ.  These tools include TurnItIn, Wimba, and Campus pack wikis and blogs.

Teaching period - The length of time for which a particular course is conducted.

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

These procedures apply to any teaching or delegated administrative staff responsible for the administration and delivery of eLearning materials.  They includes instructions for course instructors or delegated administrators for archiving course material within Blackboard course sites.

4. Procedures Statement

eLearning course resources and material held on the centrally supported eLearning system including lecture recordings will be maintained online in the Learning Management System, for the convenience of the student, for a minimum of 12 months from the course completion date, after which the learning materials will be moved to an online archive for access by the originally enrolled students, for a period of no longer than 4 additional years. Approval is required from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for holding of course materials on Blackboard for longer than 12 months.  eLearning course resources not hosted centrally are required to be available online for 12 months from the completion date.

4.1 Online assessment items

All student eLearning assessment must be kept for a minimum of 12 months. This is equivalent to the amount of time printed assessment items are to be maintained before secure destruction.  Please refer to PPL 3.10.08 Requests for Non-Release of Examination Papers section 9. (Retention and Disposal of Examination Papers and Uncollected Student Assignments).

ITS will be responsible for keeping centrally hosted assessment material online for this period. In cases where eLearning material is not hosted centrally, it is the responsibility of the staff members delivering those courses to ensure that assessment materials are kept for a minimum of 12 months, preferably in an online format.

Core Blackboard assessment tools including Blackboard assignments, tests and exams, and other tools which may be used for assessment such as discussion boards will be archived by ITS for a period of 2 years.

Course instructors wishing to retain assessment items created in non-core Blackboard tools for longer than the required 12 months, must download and archive any assessment items to local school infrastructure at the end of each semester.

4.2 ITS responsibility

eLearning material will be archived to an offline backup for a period of two years.  Within this 2 year period, requests can be made to ITS by current staff and current students to access archived course content for a predefined service fee.

4.3 Faculty/School/Academic responsibility

While ITS will take regular backups of central eLearning systems, it is recommended that academic staff and/or course designers take backups of their developed content in the event they wish to refer previous to content or for business continuity/disaster recovery purposes

If a faculty, school or organisational unit wishes to maintain a permanent record of eLearning courses it is their responsibility to create an archive of the course required or request a special archive from ITS. This latter option may incur a service fee.

4.4 Processes relating to archiving blackboard courses (including core blackboard tools)

  1. Access the course site in question as an instructor;

  2. Select Export/ Archive course from packages and utilities in the course management menu;

  3. Choose the Archive course button;

  4. Make copy options selections (recommend selecting Gradecentre copy);

  5. Select submit;

  6. Indication that the job is queued is displayed and instructor receives an email when the task is complete;

  7. Once Instructor receives completion email, the file will appear in the Export/ Archive course section, with an option to open;

  8. Select open, and save the file to the local network or drive.

Chief Information Officer
Mr Rob Moffatt
Chief Information Officer
Mr Rob Moffatt