Academic Staff Absences during Semester - Procedures

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1. Purpose and Objectives

These procedures outline the process to be followed by academic staff seeking approval to be absent from work during semester.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

Authorised Officer – the officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the HR Authorisation Schedule

Swot Vac – revision period

3. Procedures Scope/Coverage

This procedure applies to continuing, continuing (contingent funded) and fixed-term academic staff.

4. Procedures Statement

Full-time and part-time academic staff can be absent during teaching and examination periods to undertake activities relevant to the staff member's University responsibilities, provided that arrangements have been made to cover the absentee's teaching responsibilities, and that the absence has been approved by the Authorised Officer.

Absences during semesters apply both to absences within Australia and overseas, and do not override the more specific requirements which apply to absences in connection with Long Service Leave, Leave Without Pay, Special Studies Program Leave, Personal Leave, Parental Leave, Recreation Leave etc.

5. Procedure

5.1 Authorised Officer

The Authorised Officer is responsible for approving academic absences.

There is a separate authority in the HR Authorisation Schedule for approving academic absences during the semester.

5.1.1 Absence during the teaching and examining periods, including "Swot Vac"

The Authorised Officer must be satisfied that the activity is relevant to the staff member's University responsibilities and that proper arrangements have been made to cover the absentee's teaching responsibilities, including availability of advice to students.

In such cases, the Authorised Officer must be able to contact the staff member in any emergency.

5.1.2 Absence outside the teaching and examination periods

Outside the teaching and examination periods, the Authorised Officer can approve leave involving extended absence from campus for purposes such as research, attending conferences and recreation.

In approving absences of more than four weeks the Authorised Officer must take into consideration the needs for postgraduate supervision and undergraduate advising, as well as subject revision.

5.2 Staff member

An academic staff member who seeks approval to be absent, for example, to attend national or international conferences or meetings or to undertake field work must apply for leave to the Authorised Officer.

5.3 Applying for and reporting on travel

Under current government regulations, overseas travel, other than for recreation purposes, must be detailed on the UQ travel Form. The reports appear in abbreviated form in the University's Annual Report and are viewed by Queensland State Parliament.


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Academic Staff Absence During Semesters - Form

Academic Staff Absence During Semesters - Form

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This form is used by academic staff to request absence during teaching and examination periods.

Director, Human Resources
Ms Jane Banney