Conditions of Acceptance of Research Funds - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy provides information on the conditions of acceptance of research funds.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

RMO - Research Management Office

RPM - Research Partnership Manager

RPO - Research Partnerships Office

UQR&I - UQ Research and Innovation

3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all research funding from external sources, including grants, donations specifically for the conduct of research, and research contracts.

4. Policy Statement

The importance of research in the University and the valuable contribution that Government agencies, industry and other private donors make to this work are well recognised. In addition to the advancement of knowledge, research is often of benefit to the funding body, and the community. In view of the importance of the matter this policy governs the acceptance of funds for research purposes.

5. Procedures

5.1 Provision of research funding

5.1.1 The research for which funding is provided must:

  • Be appropriate to the University;
  • Be likely to contribute to the achievement of high standards of academic output;
  • Not interfere with the efficient discharge of a staff member's other duties; and
  • Comply with all relevant University policies, in particular those concerning intellectual property, conflict of interest, and codes of conduct.

5.1.2 The University does not allow proposals for, or receipt of, tobacco industry funding.

5.2 Research agreements

5.2.1 The agreement governing the funding must recognise the duty of the University and its staff and students to maintain academic integrity and in particular must preserve the right to:

  • pursue the research program impartially and without bias towards any particular result; and
  • publish the results of the research in an appropriate form in a timely manner, subject to the provision of section 5.4.

5.2.2 The University’s preference, and default process, is to administer research funding through UQ Research and Innovation (UQR&I). This includes legal review of agreements by the Research Partnerships Office (RPO) within UQR&I. UQR&I negotiates and manages the majority of research funds at the University. In general, this funding will be for those projects that advance knowledge, produce public good outcomes, and often produce intellectual property that may have commercial potential. The funding agreement governing the project normally does not deal with commercialisation options other than by way of a first right of refusal in favour of the sponsor, with actual commercialisation strategies and rates to be negotiated at a later date by the relevant University commercialisation company.

5.2.3 Projects that involve exposure to non-trivial commercial risk, the commercial development of pre-existing University intellectual property, the requirement to grant commercial rights beyond the “option to license on normal commercial terms”, or the development and commercialisation of a product or service will normally be managed by one of the University commercialisation companies. This may also include projects where the University commercialisation company can add value to the content or process including, for example, large scale multi-party initiatives requiring significant project management beyond the capacity of UQ organisational units.

5.2.4 In cases where it is unclear which office should process an agreement, the first-named chief investigator should consult with the relevant Research Partnership Manager (RPM) and the Manager, Sponsored Research in the UQR&I Research Management Office (RMO) for a recommendation.

5.3 Acceptance of offer of research funds

5.3.1 Research funds to be administered by the University are accepted on behalf of the University only by the Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Chief Operating Officer, Director, Research Partnerships or Director, Office of Sponsored Research.

5.3.2 Research contracts are normally executed on behalf of the University by the Director, Research Partnerships.

5.3.3 No prior commitment, oral or written, may be entered into by Schools/Centres/Faculties/Institutes or individual staff on behalf of the University.

5.4 Publication

5.4.1 The University may agree, if requested:

  • Not to disclose or publish without the funding body's approval any information furnished to the University by the funding body or which reveals the specific application of the results to operations of the funding body;
  • A delay in publication (e.g., when demonstrable commercial interests would be compromised by immediate publication); such delay should be limited to a specified duration (e.g., 1-2 years); and
  • To furnish a copy of any report or manuscript prepared for publication containing information on the results of the research to the funding body when first available.

5.4.2 The funding body will be required to enter into an agreement concerning the conditions under which it may make reference to the University or any of the University's staff or students in any publication which refers to the research.  Normally, the University's written consent will be required for any such reference, particularly, where the publication directly or indirectly involves advertising by the funding body.

5.4.3 The source of research funds accepted by the University must be acknowledged in publications related to the research, and may be otherwise made known to the community, unless requested to remain confidential by the funding body or donor.

Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson
Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson