First-Named Chief Investigators on Research Grant Applications and Contract Research Proposals (Eligibility) - Policy

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1. Purpose and Objectives

This policy will normally be applied to determine the eligibility criteria for personnel nominated as first-named Chief Investigators (CI) for research applications/proposals submitted through and administered by The University of Queensland. First-named Chief Investigator denotes the first-named applicant on any funding application/proposal.

2. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms

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3. Policy Scope/Coverage

This policy applies to all academic and professional staff seeking research funding from external organisations through research grant applications and contract research proposals.

4. Policy Statement

There are serious legal responsibilities attendant on the University in its capacity as signatory on research contracts. These include indemnity issues, milestone reporting, ethics and regulatory approval, and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. To fulfil its contractual obligations the University must have the authority to ensure that these obligations are met. Merely holding an academic title is not sufficient in itself. The necessary authority can only be exercised if the first named Chief Investigator meets the eligibility criteria below. Where research is conducted collaboratively and involves a number of investigators at one or more institutions, the first-named or ‘lead’ Chief Investigator is designated as the key academic contact and has the overall responsibility for the leadership of the research project. Chief Investigators may also be referred to as Principal Investigators in some international funding schemes.

5. Eligibility

5.1 Eligible to be First-Named Investigator

5.1.1 A first-named Chief Investigator on research funding applications/projects must make a significant contribution to The University of Queensland (demonstrable by reference to an appointment, agreement or similar). If the staff member already holds grants, there may be a restriction placed on the number of new applications, depending on the existing and predicted time commitments and resources required to conduct the research (again, similar criteria exist in major funding body guidelines).

5.2 Ineligible to be First-Named Investigator

5.2.1 PhD candidates are not permitted to be first-named Chief Investigator on research grant funding applications/contract research projects, unless they otherwise meet the criteria to be eligible as a first-named Chief Investigator under this policy (i.e. they are a staff member of the University demonstrable by reference to an appointment, agreement or similar). The only exception is where the funding scheme is targeted to early career researchers and where the funding rules of that scheme, as part of their eligibility criteria, permit funding applications subject to the award of PhD (e.g. early career researcher fellowship schemes).

5.2.2 It is possible for the individuals excluded as first-named Chief Investigators to be second named Chief Investigators or Associate Investigators, subject to the eligibility requirements of the funding scheme.

5.3 Certification by Head of School/Centre/Institute

In accordance with this policy, UQ Research and Innovation requires an assurance, signed by the Head of the School/Centre/Institute, confirming that the first-named Chief Investigator makes a significant contribution within the School/Centre/Institute. This certification is provided as part of the The University’s Funding Application Coversheet and must be attached to funding applications.

5.4 Funding scheme eligibility

While this policy relates to the eligibility criteria for a person to be nominated as a first-named Chief Investigator on research applications/proposals submitted through The University of Queensland, it is acknowledged that many research funding schemes specify additional eligibility requirements for applicants. Where the requirements of the funding scheme exceed the eligibility requirements stated within this policy (e.g. ARC Funding programs), the funding scheme eligibility requirements will take precedence.

Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson
Director, Office of Sponsored Research Miss Nicole Thompson